Altice Layoffs: Does Altice still exist?

Altice Layoffs: Does Altice still exist?

Altice USA still needs to implement layoffs. But many of its competitors have already started cutting staff. Instead, the company’s new CEO, Dennis Mathew, informed staff via email on November 14, 2022, that he would stop hiring for most positions. He said customer-facing classes and “selected other roles” will be spared from the hiring freeze. However, Altice USA reportedly let go of staff members in 2016 and during the pandemic.

Altice refers to Altice USA, Inc., a cable television provider in the United States. New York City serves as its corporate headquarters. The owner of the business is French-Israeli entrepreneur Patrick Drahi. The company offers pay television, Internet access, telephone services, and original television programming. It covers 4.9 million residential and commercial customers across 21 states.

About Altice USA

Altice USA is one of the country’s most extensive broadband communications and video services providers. They are a division of Altice NV. It is a 2001-founded global leader in media and entertainment. Altice USA helps people connect and realize their full potential. It is done by delivering cutting-edge, customer-focused goods and services.

Broadband, pay television, telephone services, access to Wi-Fi hotspots, exclusive content, and advertising services are all offered to consumers. It is delivered to clients whenever and wherever they need it. They also provide local news that is hyper-local and generated only for the towns they serve in the New York area. These were done to fulfil better.

Altice USA’s staff members represent a wide range of demographic groups. With an average term of 9.3 years, Altice USA has a high employee retention rate. Thus, Altice is a sizable telecom firm with 9,000 employees and $9.6 billion in yearly sales.

Altice laid off 100 employees

Around 100 employees at the Bethpage, New York, headquarters of Cablevision Systems, were reportedly let go by Altice USA in 2016.

According to Newsday, the focus of the layoffs is on the corporate departments of I.T., H.R., and accounting. The article also stated that customer service representatives and technicians were not yet to be fired. This was as per an agreement with the authorities.

Lisa Anselmo, head of communications for Altice USA, acknowledged the layoffs. She also noted that the business hired 49 new employees for its American operations in July 2016. Less 

About 1% of Altice USA’s employees, or about 17,000 people, were laid off. Of these, 13,000 joined the firm when it finalized its $17.7 billion acquisition of Cablevision on June 21, 2016.

At the time, about 100 job postings were listed on the Altice Careers website. Of those, many were located on Long Island.

According to Anselmo, “We know that to provide outstanding customer service, we need to have strong, talented employees. Thus, we’re dedicated to creating a culture where our employees feel motivated to serve our customers.”

In July 2016, Altice returned 75% of Newsday to the Dolans, notably Patrick Dolan and Charles Dolan, the creators of Cablevision. After assuming control of Cablevision’s business, Altice USA fired 600 employees. This layoff was done from a call centre in Shelton and a back office in Stratford. It highlighted technological advancements as the number of calls has decreased.

According to a business representative, the employees would be laid off in November 2016. According to Lisa Anselmo, the company will keep hundreds of Connecticut employees in different positions. This includes field service personnel, technical teams in charge of keeping an eye on the business’s network, and employees working at walk-in sites. According to her, there won’t be any service adjustments for customers.

Most Fairfield County and a few Litchfield County communities are part of Optimum’s footprint in Connecticut. Anselmo said it was too early to determine how many staff would be retained. But laid-off workers will be allowed to seek other positions inside the business. Altice USA acquired News 12 Networks as part of the Cablevision merger. But those activities will not alter.

With billions in debt included, Altice paid $17.7 billion to acquire Cablevision. The Federal Communications Commission approved the agreement in May 2016. In June 2016, Altice USA was established by combining the former Cablevision with Suddenlink. It is a Midwest-based broadband provider.

Job losses are frequently “standard operating procedure” after acquisitions. This is according to David Cadden, a business professor at Quinnipiac University in Hamden.

The first question, he continued, “is how do we start to cut—as they charmingly refer to it—duplication?” “Reducing labor costs is the simplest way to reduce operating costs.”

Altice USA sought tech workers for voluntary layoffs

Altice USA sought out construction and technology workers. This was done to participate in voluntary layoffs that started on May 12, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, this was done to save the company’s expenses.

Altice USA Technical Services requested that field service workers in New York State volunteer for layoffs. This is mentioned in a memo distributed to staff members at that time. Like other cable operators during the epidemic, Altice USA had to fire employees. It’s because shelter-in-place and social isolation orders became the norm.

Altice has yet to specify the exact number of employees it has to fire, only that it represents a small part of the entire staff. Approximately 10,700 people work for Altice USA, according to its 10-K annual report for 2020.

Altice USA reportedly laid off some employees. It happened when it closed the Los Angeles studio for its Cheddar streaming news service in April 2020.

Altice USA outperformed analysts’ predictions in the first quarter 2020 by losing around 42,000 TV customers. Also, it added 50,000 high-speed Internet subscribers.

“The pandemic and its impact on society forced us to evaluate the way we do business. This includes how we are managing our staff. So, we could best support the immediate needs of our customers. We are also preparing for how we will continue to operate in the future as consumers’ needs evolve,” said Altice USA in a statement.

Since then, Altice US has provided staff in the customer service, contact centre, and news industries with premium pay. It established a $10 million community relief programme to aid local communities during the pandemic.

Altice said, “Unfortunately, we also had to make the tough decision to lay off a limited number of employees. While these decisions are never made lightly, we are offering severance and our entire support to affected staff. We spoke about the layoff with these workers in mid-April.”

Altice USA has halted most job openings

Altice USA isn’t going the layoff route; instead, “the company will stop hiring for the majority of positions.” It was announced in November 2022 by Dennis Mathew, the new CEO. Customer-facing positions and “selected other roles” will be saved from the hiring freeze.

“To make sure that our clients are getting the help and service they deserve, we will keep hiring for a variety of frontline positions. Due to the particular requirements of certain businesses, some open positions within our news and advertising departments will continue to be active,” he said. “Besides, we will put in place a procedure to take into account very specific, business-critical hiring needs. Those requests will be evaluated by my direct reports and me on a case-by-case basis,” the statement continued.

On November 14, 2022, 478 job opportunities were listed on Altice USA’s career page across all its companies. This includes its LightPath subsidiary and A4 advertising division.

The action is one of Mathew’s first as CEO after taking over for outgoing leader Dexter Goei at the start of October. Altice USA has made a decent turn in the right direction with its shift towards fibre. But it now needs to focus on process improvements and operational economies. This is according to Mathew, who spoke on the operator’s Q3 2022 earnings call.

The company is formulating its investment and budget priorities for 2023. Mathew stated in the email that is delaying recruiting “guarantees our workforce and staffing are in line with our go-forward plans.” He further noted that, early in 2023, Altice USA will reevaluate its hiring requirements.

Altice’s freeze accompanies the layoffs that have hit the telecom sector. At Fierce, job layoffs have been confirmed by Verizon, Comcast, Cox Communications, Zayo, Dell Technologies, and Salesforce. There have also been other reports of layoffs elsewhere. This includes Twitter, Microsoft, Starry, and Meta. Some companies, like Alphabet, have chosen to reduce employment.


In 2022, 15.4 million people in the U.S., 28% of Americans, have lost their jobs in the last two years alone. Employees at Altice USA should be aware that firms continue to lay off many people.

By 2030, automation is expected to replace 20 million manufacturing jobs. The fear of being taken over by artificial intelligence is shared by 37% of Americans. Also, automation might result in the loss of 73 million jobs in the U.S. by 2030, accounting for a startling 46% of the existing employment.

Given this, Altice USA employees growing more concerned about their employment security shouldn’t feel alone in their concerns. Forty-eight per cent of Americans say they worry about losing their jobs.

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