Dark Chocolate Bounty Discontinued: No more Bounty Bars?

Dark Chocolate Bounty discontinued

The manufacturer discovered that 40% of consumers disliked Bounty bars. After that, on November 3, 2022, it was stated that they would be removed from various Celebrations tubs in the United Kingdom. A short supply of “No Bounty” tubs will be available in the days leading up to Christmas. After 18% of those polled indicated that the Bounty was their favorite, the final decision had not been made.

Bounty has been discontinued in its dark chocolate flavor (red wrapper) since November 2022. But Mars Wrigley was still unavailable, despite their claims that the condition was temporary.

The Bounty Chocolate Bar is perfect for those who enjoy chocolate bars that resemble Mars Bars or Almond Joy. These days, only the U.K., Australia, and Canada still sell this candy bar. Even though this delicious candy bar is no longer available in the U.S., you can still check it out if you order it online. Let us learn about this product in this article.

Bounty Chocolate Bar’s history

Bounty is a simple but incredibly delicious candy bar ideal for anyone who enjoys fluffy candy bar fillings with coconut. This is a unique candy bar that overlaps with certain other items that Mars already produces. Despite its similarity to these other candy products, it still maintains its popularity and relevance. You will understand why Bounty has long been a household name in the U.K. and Canada after you give one a try.

A chocolate-covered candy bar with coconut filling is called Bounty and is made by Mars, Inc. It was first introduced in 1951 in the U.K. and Canada.

It closely resembles the Mounds bar that Peter Paul introduced in 1936. Also, like the milk chocolate enrobing of Hershey’s Almond Joy, which was first launched in 1948,

The Bounty Chocolate Bar also has a dark chocolate version and a red wrapper offered in the U.K. The typical candy bar is wrapped in a blue wrapper that features coconuts. More miniature wrappers are also available, each of which contains one bar in a special little package attached in the middle.

Halloween is when these single-serve candy bars are most in demand compared to other times. But only in some places, as Halloween is only sometimes celebrated.

Which country produces Bounty chocolate?

The worldwide company Mars, Inc., which makes a variety of food goods, owns the Bounty brand of chocolate bars. Although Mars, Inc. is an American firm operating in many nations. The origins of the Bounty brand are unknown. But it is most likely that one of 

Mars, Inc.’s worldwide network of research and development centers produced the chocolate bar. Today, Bounty is made and sold in a large number of nations. This includes North America, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Asia.


In Australia, a cherry-flavored variation has been available since 2006. Although it was once a limited-edition taste, it was still known as of 2013. In 2004–2005, a limited-edition mango flavor was accessible in Europe. In 2010, it became available in Russia and the Ukraine. In 2014, a pineapple-flavored version was marketed in Russia.

These distinct flavors are no longer offered in any of these markets. But they might return for a brief while in a few of them. Mars Inc. could always reintroduce the different kinds back to the mix of goods they currently offer if they felt the time was appropriate. The majority of the alternate variants are viral when they are in stores.

Why aren’t Bounty bars sold in the U.S.?

Since Mounds and Almond Joy are so close to this product, Mars last sold Bounty in the U.S. for years. Bounty Chocolate Bars are occasionally available in international food shops. But that is the only place in the U.S. where you can get them. The candy bar was first introduced in Canada and the U.K., where it has since enjoyed strong sales.

Convenience stores all around the U.S. sold Bounty chocolate bars in the 1980s. Almond Joy bars had already begun to outperform Bounty chocolate bars by 1988. At the time, Hershey owned the candy bars Almond Joy and Mounds. They were more effective in promoting these items than the Bounty Bar, which was arguably already similar. The Bounty bar was immediately taken off the market in the U.S. by Mars, and it has never been put back.

Although Mars no longer sells Bounty in the United States, Hershey’s sells comparable goods like Mounds and Almond Joy.

Bounty bars are being removed from chocolate tubs

Christmas 2022 would be disappointing for Bounty fans. Mars has announced it will stop including the chocolates in some Celebrations tubs.

The coconut-filled chocolate treats are a “national cause of division.” This is according to new statistics from Mars Wrigley. 39% of U.K. residents demand to remove them entirely from celebration tubs.

In response to this, the candy company has partnered with Tesco to test out a new program called No Bounty Tubs in the run-up to the holiday season.

In order to make up for the absence of Bounties in these limited-edition tubs, more Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, Galaxy, and the classic Maltesers will be used.

But 18% of Brits recently said they would feel upset if they opened a Celebrations tub and found just Bounty’s left. Hence, this trial will really put the Bounty’s reputation to the test.

A family argument—which is the last thing you want at Christmas—was predicted by a staggering 58% of respondents.

The study surveyed 2,000 chocolate enthusiasts in the U.K. between 18 and 65. It was also found that Bounty is the Chocolate in the Celebrations tub that 22% of respondents enjoy the least. Furthermore, a solid 28% of respondents think coconut has no place at all in chocolate bars.

Following the brand’s famous ‘Bounty Return Scheme’ in 2021, No Bounty Celebration tubs will be released in 2022. It inspired those who disliked Bounty to exchange their unwelcome chocolates for more cherished Maltesers after the holiday.

“Christmas is a season for giving, but it appears this year’s British audience is eager for us to take away plenty.” According to Emily Owen, Head of Celebrations and Festive Cheer at Mars Wrigley, this is true. Customers had the option to return any undesired Bounty chocolates in 2021.

“Now, in response to consumer demand, we’re testing completely pulling them out of the tub. You never truly appreciate what you have until it’s gone. Additionally, there is still a chance that the devoted (and secret) Bounty fans will make a comeback following the trial.”

According to The Guardian’s consumer affairs journalist Zoe Woods, “it seems that one man’s heaven really is another’s hell,” despite the coconut-filled chocolates being sold as a “slice of paradise.”

Mars has delisted its “Bounty Dark.”

Bounty Dark has been momentarily taken off MarsWrigley’s list for “temporary operational issues.”

BetterRetailing was informed by a supplier rep that Bounty Dark had been delisted for short-term operational reasons. “The change is purely temporary, and we expect to put the SKU back soon.”

Following reports from many shops to BetterRetailing that they had been struggling to stock the line for months, the supplier took action. Additionally, there are other options besides ordering from supermarkets online.

Meryl Williams of Pikes Newsagents in Porthmadog, Gwynedd, stated, “We tried various wholesalers, but Bounty Dark became out of stock for months. The clients will be very dissatisfied since it is very popular in our shop.”


Australian chocolate enthusiasts are delighted following Mars Wrigley’s official confirmation. The disputed Bounty bars are expected to be included in Celebrations tubs this Christmas.

In an exclusive statement, Mars Wrigley confirmed that Bounty bars will continue to be available in celebratory tubs in Australia. Ensuring Australia won’t get any Limited Edition ‘No Bounty’ Celebration boxes. Thus, a business representative reaffirmed that Bounty will continue to be a part of Australian Celebrations.

This follows a notification that customers in the U.K. would have until December 18 to swap specific chocolate tubs that contain Bounty bars for tubs without Bounty bars. Additionally, after Christmas 2021, Mars offered customers the chance to trade in unwanted Bounty bars for Maltesers.

According to the BBC, Mars has not yet decided if Bountys will be “banished for good.” Celebrations brand manager Owen cautioned you only know what you have once it’s lost. But he also said: “To those devoted and secret Bounty lovers out there, there’s still the possibility they’ll make a comeback after the trial.”

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