Discontinued Fashion Fair lipsticks

Discontinued Fashion Fair lipsticks

Fashion Fair has never merely been a brand of cosmetics and lipstick. The Fashion Fair was an outgrowth of Eunice Walker Johnson’s vision. The aim is to bring glitz to a Black audience underserved by the Eurocentric beauty industry. Eunice Walker Johnson is a member of the Black American media royal family. She founded the Fashion Fair in 1973. Eunice Walker Johnson and her husband, John Johnson, owned the Johnson Publishing Company. It was the preferred Black beauty brand for many years.

Then, in 2018, Fashion Fair cosmetics vanished with no prior notice, justification, or farewell. No more lipstick in the colors Moroccan Spice, Bordeaux, Cherry Wine, or Sweet Maple. The Chocolate Raspberry is gone!

Fashion Fair has officially relaunched in 225 Sephora locations. The actress KiKi Layne serves as its celebrity spokesperson. Several items are priced at $37 and are vegan and fragrance-free. They are from a premium brand competing for relevance in a saturated market. Thus, the new Fashion Fair is more of a reboot than a rebirth. That is to say, it is no longer your aunt’s cosmetics line. Let us know more about fashion-fair lipsticks in this article.

History of Fashion Fair

Back in the day, people said they couldn’t find foundation or blush in their shade—and they meant it. Eunice Johnson, the late great businesswoman, founded the cosmetics line Fashion Fair in 1973. The brand aimed to provide Black women with actual makeup options that fit their skin tones.

The brand’s facial powders featured bases in yellow, ocher, and gold and didn’t budge into an ashen, chalky finish as other cosmetics did. Its lipsticks featured hues with warm, deep, and rich undertones. For the first time, this large selection of shades was available in department stores. Women with darker skin tones could finally choose a foundation that complemented their skin tones without needing to mix.

In the post-Fenty Beauty era, you must have a foundation shade range that is very melanin-rich. This is needed if you want to launch a line to the highest acclaim rather than widespread criticism. But if you ask any Black person who lived in the United States in the 1970s or 1980s, they’ll tell you that Fashion Fair was it.

The Fashion Fair became a worldwide phenomenon. It is known not only for its merchandise but also for the fashion events it hosts in U.S. locations. Despite the brand’s popularity, Johnson Publishing, the parent company of Ebony and Jet periodicals needed help. They felt it took a lot of work to compete with the mighty beauty giants that have dominated the market.

What happened to the brand?

According to Vogue, the company declared bankruptcy in 2016 after selling Jet and Ebony to a private equity firm. Businesswomen Cheryl Mayberry McKissack and former Johnson Publishing CEO Desiree Rogers teamed up. It happened following their acquisition of Black Opal, a well-known company for the melanin-rich. In 2019, they purchased and relaunched the makeup brand BLK/OPL.

In a phone conversation with Allure, Rogers declares that “Fashion Fair is a fantastic, iconic American brand, and it needs this rebirth.”

In 2021, the brand was reintroduced to Sephora. It happened under the ownership of Desiree Rogers, a former executive of Johnson Publishing, and Cheryl Mayberry McKissack, a former employee.

FashioFair’s lipsticks are back!

Contrary to when it first debuted in 1973, the fashion fair is making a comeback. The brand was considered the height of Black beauty products. With its skin tone and gender-inclusive products, Fenty Beauty started a significant reckoning in the beauty industry. E-commerce and social media have made it easier for independent Black cosmetics companies to get started and succeed.

Rogers and McKissack hired dermatologist Caroline Robinson. This is to add fresh, cutting-edge skin-care components and revamp the brand. To the dismay of many original admirers who can still recall the cherry smell of their favorite lipstick, the new collection is vegan and fragrance-free. Additionally, the packaging has been modernized. It went from pink and metallic bronze shells to a simple white design with gold trim.

The Iconic Fashion Fair is returning to Sephora stores

On September 1, 2021 (with just lipsticks) and September 9, 2021 (with the rest of the collection), the brand underwent what McKissack and Rogers refer to as a “rebirth.” The prices ranged from $27 to $37. Six items were included in the initial launch, most of which are complexion items.

There are four different essential color products in total, each with a unique formula. Each begins with a medium skin tone and deepens over time. Fashion Fair’s global cosmetics ambassador, Sam Fine, reveals that there is still a wide variety of hues available. As opposed to the red and orange that were popular at the time, “ranges lean towards more olive and golden shades.”

Bringing back popular lipsticks

Speaking of throwbacks regaining their former glory, Fashion Fair is also bringing back a few of its most popular lipstick colors. But this time, in new iterations that better suit modern tastes. Ten of the fourteen shades in the FF Iconic Lipsticks ($27) collection are based on the company’s iconic hues. They are orange and Chocolate Raspberry. The final four are brand-new nude colors that are certain to become favorites. The firm claims that this is the broadest collection of nudes it has ever provided.

Fashion Fair was one of the only companies to develop foundations for women with darker skin when it entered the market. Now, the brand’s decision to relaunch with a line of lipstick and base products makes sense.


According to Fine, “This is not someone competing for our money who didn’t ask for it before, who we felt distant from or disengaged from.” This is me as a child shopping with my mother and seeing these beautiful Black photos and always being seen at the makeup counter at [the Fashion Fair].”

Starting on September 1, 2021, users could buy Fashion Fair lipsticks on Sephora.com and the Fashion Fair website.

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