Discontinued London Fog Luggage 2024

Discontinued London Fog Luggage 2024

As seasoned travelers, we recognize the value of having trustworthy, fashionable, and sturdy luggage for each trip. Today, we present a thorough analysis of London Fog luggage, a brand that is widely associated with class and excellence.

Before, London Fog carry-on luggage was too large to be used as a carry-on. To meet the rules for most airlines’ in-cabin luggage, the business has since revamped its Cambridge collection. It especially downsizes the 21-inch suitcase to a stylish 20-inch carry-on. It’s important to note that some of their older Cambridge baggage is still accessible online. It has been revamped with a different name and front pocket design.

According to the study, there is no news about the discontinuation of their luggage products. Let us know more about the brand in this article.

Overview of London Fog

If you haven’t have yet heard of the well-known brand London Fog, it’s time you did. This UK-based business has been operating for 100 years. With its history, goal, and collections, the London Fog is sure to blow the top off some fashion enthusiasts.

When London Fog was first established in 1923, it made waterproof coats and jackets. By the 1980s and 1990s, London Fog had begun producing other clothing items besides accessories. The firm had become a household name globally by the turn of the millennium. It was one of the most well-known clothing brands.

The company has added a variety of luggage to its product offering over the years. It maintains both its reputation for quality and style. London Fog luggage has a design based on the recognizable British fog. The collection radiates elegance and sophistication. Thus, it is a favorite pick for affluent travelers. At the moment, London Fog only delivers products from their website to the 50 US states.

A quick rundown of the brand’s highlights follows:

  • Free delivery is only available within the United States
  • Valentine’s Day offers 25% off the entire website
  • The longstanding tradition of donating money to charities
  • Sells apparel, accessories, and luggage
  • Available at a large number of independent retailers

London fog luggage’s advantages and features

London Fog luggage is made to resist the rigors of travel because it is made of high-quality materials. The brand’s luggage guarantees a pleasant and stress-free voyage. The product has reinforced corners, strong zippers, and robust wheels.

Modern utility and traditional British elegance are combined in London Fog’s design approach. You can choose a set of their luggage that matches your style. It comes in a variety of colors, designs, and finishes in their collections.

London Fog luggage sets are designed to make traveling simple. It’s because of its different features. This includes expandable compartments, multidirectional spinning wheels, and built-in handles. The inside arrangements further improve the travel experience. This includes shoe pockets and accessory sections.

Top London Fog Luggage collections are as follows:

  • London Fog Cambridge II Collection
  • London Fog Oxford Hyperlight Collection
  • London Fog Luggage Kingsbury Collection

Redesigned Cambridge II Luggage

Actually, the only collection with an actual carry-on is the Cambridge II line. Even with wheels, the 20-inch-tall smallest bag can fit in the overhead section. All the suitcases in this collection are composed of woven houndstooth fabric. It has been joined with EVA foam to increase their strength and weight.

The London Fog carry-on luggage is intended for something other than carry-on luggage. The business, however, also realized this and entirely modified its Cambridge line. The large 21-inch suitcase was reduced in size to a compact 20-inch carry-on. This is to meet the standards of most airlines for in-cabin luggage.

Some of their old Cambridge luggage can still be found online. The name and the design of the pouch on the front of the suitcase are the key differences.

About the features now: Double spinner wheels are a feature of the whole Cambridge II line. It gives you outstanding luggage maneuverability. You don’t need to tilt the bag to start the wheels rolling; you can push it in front of you or roll it alongside you. Additionally, the telescoping wheel handle will undoubtedly aid in the most accessible possible steering.

Each of the three suitcases has a single packing compartment. They can be expanded to add more packing space. Inside the packing sections, there are two double dividers with pockets on either side. Additionally, the suitcase’s front panel has a sizable zipped pocket and a few slip pockets for your shoes. These pockets, however, are somewhat small. Although they accommodate smaller shoes, something more significant than a US9 (Men’s) will fit better.

If you choose to expand your suitcase, you will gain two more inches of packing space. Additionally, London Fog was kind enough to identify the zippers on their expansions so you could tell them apart from the ones that open the main compartment.

The hue of the Cambridge II baggage is something to take note of. Both Olive and Black/White are options; however, both are pretty light. Additionally, your suitcase will likely become dirty even after just one trip because, for some reason, they seem to collect dirt like magnets. However, having a stylish luggage cover will completely solve that problem, so it is something to think about.

How do I purchase London Fog?

Depending on where you are, you may either browse worldwide stores or shop the collection directly at londonfog.com. We’ve compiled a list of retailers you can visit in person or online to pick up some London Fog products:

  • Amazon
  • Zulily 
  • Hudson’s Bay
  • Nordstrom
  • Lyst
  • Poshmark


For travelers looking for elegant, robust, and practical luggage sets, London Fog is a great option. The company has a long history and a solid reputation for quality. It offers a variety of collections to meet the demands and tastes of every traveler. You may choose the ideal London Fog luggage set for your trips. This can be done by taking your travel needs into account, assessing materials, and selecting the appropriate features. Your investment will also last you for many more voyages if you take good care of it.

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