Harry’s Bar Soap Discontinued: Does They Make It?

Harry's Bar Soap Discontinued

There is no news about the discontinuation of Harry’s Bar soaps. It is widely available online. Harry’s may be a brand that many of us are familiar with from their shaving goods. Since a few years ago, their collection of items for men’s grooming has grown to include more than just razors and shave cream. They now include body washes and bar soap. They updated their inventory of grooming and hygiene products.

Body wash and bar soap from Harry’s offer a thorough clean. Both products erupt into a thick, creamy lather despite being free of any harsh substances. The mild cleansers preserve our skin’s healthy, natural oils while removing anything we don’t want, including grime. Our skin will feel smooth and refreshed all day. These are all due to the energizing aroma combinations and rich lather.

About the brand

The American company Harry’s creates and sells men’s personal care items through retail and internet channels. The business is well known for its subscription program. It sends consumers new razor blades, shaving cream, and other grooming supplies via mail. The headquarters of Harry’s are in New York.

In July 2012, Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider established the business. In 2013, the business introduced its subscription service. Harry’s acquired German razor maker Feintechnik in 2014. Edgewell Personal Care announced that it would buy Harry’s in May 2019. The Federal Trade Commission sued Edgewell in February 2020 to stop the merger, claiming that it could damage competition.

Harry’s Labs, the business’ innovation division, helped launch Cat Person as a stand-alone startup in March 2020. Cat Person offers a variety of cat care items for sale.

Overview of Harry’s Soap

All of Harry’s Soap is sold in 4-ounce white soap bars without any dye. The soaps are vegan and contain no preservatives or sulfates. Although it is sustainable, they do include palm oil. They can pick from six different smells.

Currently, customers can select from a total of six different scents for their soap bars.

  • Stone: Cool, Fresh, and citrusy
  • Shiso: bright, Herbal, Earthy
  • Redwood: brisk, sharp, woodsy
  • Fig: Rich, Warm, Juicy
  • Grove: Lush, Zesty, Lively
  • Wildlands: Crisp, Clean, and Serene

These soaps create a thick lather that gently cleanses. This is a terrific quality to have in a bar of soap and is loved by everyone. Additionally, the soap doesn’t cause the skin to dry. In actuality, it becomes softer. It must, therefore, be kinder to our skin.

They have a nice variety of scents available, and Harry’s has nailed the scents. The smells are present and responsible without being overpowering; they are not beating over the nose with them either. The scents are perfectly balanced and well-blended.

The soap has a firmer density because it often lasts longer than softer-density soap, which melts away more rapidly.

This soap is excellent; it’s not your typical bar of soap. This has some promise. The pricing is standard. So, Harry’s delivers a high-grade soap that is comparable to their razors in quality, all for a price that won’t abuse your wallet.

Harry’s has become the third-most-popular body wash brand

Through its retail partners, such as Target, Harry’s has discovered that the body wash category has been a key sales driver since its 2018 launch.

The idea behind Harry’s body wash was to introduce classy scents to the men’s body wash market. It exclusively introduced the category on Target and Harry’s direct-to-consumer e-commerce websites. Since then, Harry’s has increased the range of scents and started selling bodywashes at Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart. Harry’s unveiled two brand-new body wash smells on March 14, 2022.

Target continues to be an essential partner. According to the company, Harry’s is the retailer’s third-best-selling body wash brand. The company stated that its two rivals are historical CPG brands but declined to reveal who they are. With global sales of more than $92.4 billion in 2020, Target will be the seventh-largest retailer in the world.

Harry described its two-pronged approach to success at Target, which consists of sampling and end caps.


Harry’s items are well-crafted. Harsh sulfates are not used in the production of body washes. A plant-based mix using sustainable palm oil is used to make the bar soap. Both are dye- and paraben-free.

The bar soap selection offered by Harry’s is excellent. Harry’s bar soap finds the ideal balance between affordability and luxury. According to reviews, the customers really liked the lather and how the soap didn’t make their skin dry. All of the scents it offered were appealing and lovely. There isn’t much of a negative here, which is terrific.

Harry’s offers a high-quality bar of soap that is sure to gratify for a very, very reasonable cost.

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