IKamand Discontinued: Does They Still Exists?

IKamand Discontinued

The iKamand makes low-and-slow BBQ simple. It transforms even the most beginner kamado griller into an immediate pitmaster. According to the study, it is still being determined whether IKamand has been discontinued. In some online stores, the item is accessible, while in others, it is shown as out of stock.

Start the grill, go for a walk, and keep an eye on the food as it cooks. Regardless of where you are, the IKamand app will always keep you in total control. The cooking algorithms used by Kamado Joe have been tried, tested, and shown to prepare your food to perfection. Let us view this in detail in the article that follows.

About Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe, based in Atlanta, GA, is dedicated to perfecting kamado-style cooking. Kamado Joe is delighted to have modernized the grill’s traditional design. It was done with unmatched craftsmanship, cleverer features, creative accessories, and a variety of adaptable cooking surfaces. Kamado Joe will keep advancing outdoor cooking innovation with its growing lineup of new products.

To innovate the Kamado-style cooker, Bobby Brennan founded Kamado Joe in 2008. He guided the business through its 2018 sale to Dominus’s portfolio business, Masterbuilt.

In December 2021, Middleby purchased Kamado Joe and Masterbuilt for $385 million after they both gained market share. Kamado Joe introduced the first phone-controlled Kamado grill. It demonstrated that the company is still committed to the spirit of innovation that Bobby Brennan associated with the name.

Dominus Capital no longer owns Kamado Joe. But the news that Bobby Brennan would be joining their team as an operating partner had a lasting effect. He will work in the distribution of value-added goods, consumer products, and industrial production.

Bobby Brennan has over 15 years of manufacturing experience at GE Lighting. He has an extra 5 years of experience with Siemens Residential Products Division, other than his experience establishing and building Kamado Joe.

Middleby purchases the Kamado Joe brand

The Atlanta-area-based Masterbuilt was projected to have net sales of $250 million (£189 million) in 2021. The residential outdoor market has grown in popularity over the past few years. This is according to Middleby CEO Tim FitzGerald. He added as follows:

“The addition of Kamado Joe and Masterbuilt broadens our selection in this large and expanding market. Thus complementing our home outdoor cooking brands Lynx, Viking, Josper, and EVO.”

“Consumers are looking for goods to improve and streamline the experience of grilling in the backyard. The next generation of outdoor enthusiasts has quickly accepted the company’s new goods. It led to the rapid growth of the Kamado Joe and Masterbuilt brands.”

“Charcoal’s flavor profile, accessibility, and affordability are contributing to its continued growth as a cooking energy source. Masterbuilt and Kamado Joe are in a good position to capitalize on the craze for charcoal.”

Kamado Joe and Masterbuilt have led the outdoor cooking industry since their founding in 1973. As part of its premium offering, the business now places a focus on cutting-edge alternative fuel products. Middleby will buy the company from Dominus Capital. The deal will be supported with cash and its current senior credit line. According to Mr. FitzGerald, the acquisition will increase its market share in the outdoor cooking market.

Middleby Outdoor owns the brands Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt, and Char-Griller. It is a leader in outdoor cooking innovation on a global scale. The Middleby Corporation is a global pioneer in cutting-edge innovation for commercial, residential, and industrial food services. It owns Middleby Outdoor as a subsidiary.

About command

As previously said, The iKamand simplifies the art of low-and-slow BBQ, transforming even the most novice kamado griller into a pit master in no time.

The iKamand employs innovative temperature management and responsive, intelligent fans. This is to make cooking more fun and relaxing throughout the entire process. Thus, it ranges from a simple startup to an easy conclusion. Your charcoal grill’s bottom vent can be fitted with their ground-breaking smart gadget. It will give you complete control over heat, smoke, and the desired temperature. Simply relax, get a refreshing beverage, and tuck into easy-to-eat, flavorful fare.

It includes the following parts:

  • 1 IKamand device
  • 1 Grill Grate Probe
  • 1 Meat Probe
  • Adapter Plate

iKamand II

The most recent model of intelligent BBQ controller for your Kamado Joe barbecue is the iKamand II WiFi Grill Controller. Using the iKamand mobile app (available for iOS and Android), you can set, monitor, and change your cooking temperature from any location. The gadget fits into the Kamado Joe’s bottom vent and uses an app-controlled fan to regulate airflow.

The iKamand easily maintains total temperature control from beginning to end. It also quickly brings your Kamado Joe up to a preset temperature under the grill option.

The features of the Kamado Joe iKamand II WiFi Grill Controller are as follows:

  • All metal components are made of solid stainless steel.
  • Up to four temperature probes can be stored in this container (one food and one ambient probe are included; more food probes are available)
  • Components resistant to weather 
  • A stainless steel mount (there are various mounts for the Classic and Big Joe grills)
  • Quicker startup times with whisper-quiet operation 


The Konnected Jo will be added to Kamado Joe’s product lineup in 2023. This is according to the company that invented the ceramic grills in the Kamado style, which is the industry standard. The first-of-its-kind digitally linked ceramic grill combines all the advantages of conventional ceramic cooking with contemporary technology. Also, it resolves the lighting and temperature control problems that are sometimes a source of discomfort.

Grillers can enjoy the advantages of kamado cooking with more simplicity. It is done by using the digital controls. Also, the practical app-enabled features help ignite the charcoal and maintain the correct grill temperature.

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