Irish Spring Original Discontinued: Does They Make It?

Irish Spring Original Discontinued

Irish Spring Original soap is still accessible in a range of sizes and formats. This includes bar soap and body wash. The products are suitable for a range of preferences and requirements. Whether you opt for the traditional bar soap or the liquid body wash, Irish Spring Original wants to provide you with a clean, revitalizing bathing experience.

Irish Spring soap is a green-and-white deodorant bar soap marketed to men who want to smell good. It has been available since 1970. The brand’s owner, Colgate-Palmolive, has always praised the soap’s unique original fragrance. Since then, the company has expanded its product line with a number of new perfumes and body wash options. Let us know about the soap in detail in this article.

About the brand

Irish Spring is an American brand of deodorant soap. The Irish Spring debuted in Germany in 1970 and the United States in 1972. Irish Spring soap bars only had one scent until 1990, but the Colgate firm has since expanded into a number of specialty types and scents. Up until the 1980s, Irish Spring produced deodorants and shaving products.

Irish Spring body wash was first introduced in 2007. In 2011, Irish Spring deodorant was also brought back under the Colgate-Palmolive Speed Stick brand.

Irish Spring Soap’s New Look

Colgate-Palmolive hired the design firms. It includes Chase Design Group (graphic design) and Tin Horse (structural design). They aimed to collaborate with the Colgate-Palmolive Global Design Brand Group. This is a rebrand that more effectively reflects trendy, modern masculinity. It is mainly done to attract a younger male customer.

The design team combined the brand’s new promise, Smell from a Nice-Smelling Place, with the adaptability of its distinctive elements. They are a richer green Irish Spring structure, a white brand mark, and a golden clover symbol. This is to produce a sleek, contemporary style that pays homage to the brand’s history. All new advertising and promotional materials feature the brand promise. On February 13, 2022, the company said the Super Bowl would show an advertisement supporting the branding.

According to Steve Dunphy, Executive Creative Director, Chase Design Group, New York:

“Conveying the pure essence of Irish Spring meant going beyond its past and developing a discrete and stylish image with a system that enables distinction between the types.”

To complement the simplified shape and appeal to the younger male market, a new, trendy brand logo was created.

The new clover emblem for the bar soap highlights the deeper green. The big multipacks serve as the backdrop for a travel poster-like illustration of the revitalizing locations of the Irish Spring.

How is Irish Spring Original Soap?

Famous soap brand Irish Spring Original is well-known for its distinctive smell and soothing qualities. Colgate-Palmolive Company, a global manufacturer of consumer goods, produces Irish Spring Original soap. Colgate-Palmolive is renowned for manufacturing a variety of personal care and home goods. It includes pet food, cleaning supplies, toothpaste, soaps, and oral care items.

One of the well-known brands in Colgate-Palmolive’s portfolio is Irish Spring Original Soap. The business is well known for making high-quality personal care products and has a long history.

The following are some of Irish Spring Original’s main features and advantages:

  • The distinctive scent of Irish Spring Original, which mixes tones of fresh and clean fragrance, is well known.
  • Irish Spring Original is designed to clean the skin by eliminating pollutants, oils, and dirt.
  • Irish Spring Original has moisturizing elements. This is to help prevent the skin from feeling dry or tight, even though it is noted for its powerful cleansing abilities.
  • Irish Spring Original’s crisp aroma clings to the skin, giving off a daylong impression of cleanliness and freshness.
  • In the personal care market, Irish Spring has long been a reputable name.

It’s crucial to remember that everyone has different personal preferences for soap. This involves their scent and ingredients. Irish Spring Original’s perfume may be stimulating and appealing to some people. But milder or fragrance-free choices may be preferred by others. When selecting personal care products, it’s wise to take your skin type and sensitivity into account.

Is the Irish Spring Original no longer available?

Irish Spring Original is not discontinued and is available in online stores. However, product accessibility can change over time and according to location. It’s recommended to check with nearby merchants or internet marketplaces. This is to find out whether Irish Spring Original soap is currently offered.

To prevent buying imitation Irish Spring soaps, you should also check the manufacturer’s official website or customer service. They will provide the most recent information on product availability and any prospective discontinuations.


The soap “Irish Spring Original” is generally regarded as safe to use. Individual responses and sensitivities to personal care products can differ. The majority of people who use Irish Spring Original soap do not suffer any adverse side effects. However, some people may be allergic to or sensitive to specific components in the soap.

It’s important to note that the particular formulation and components of Irish Spring Original soap may vary by region or market. It’s best to read the complete details about its contents and any potential side effects on the product label or contact the manufacturer.

Before using a product, it is advised to check the ingredient list. Also, one can look into alternatives that are designed especially for sensitive skin. This is for people who have known allergies or sensitivities to certain substances.

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