Is Dillard’s going out of business in 2024?

Dillard’s will close a few stores, but the company won’t go out of business. The COVID-19 epidemic is primarily to blame for labor shortages, decreased sales, and inflation. But that is all having an impact on shops’ ability to survive. In recent days, customer behavior has also changed. Today, more customers favor online shopping over in-store shopping. They are also attracted to retailers other than those that once ruled the industry.

Given the poor prospects for department stores, it seems fair that Dillard’s closed several of its stores. It’s mainly those in malls that witness declining foot traffic every year. Despite this, Dillard’s is still profitable.

An exclusive American chain of department stores is called Dillard’s, Inc. As of August 30, 2023, 273 Dillard’s stores were in the United States. Let us view this business’s current situation in detail in this article.

Dillard’s closed stores in 2022

A Dillard’s store standing alone is unusual. This is due to the department store’s deliberate positioning in malls and shopping centers. It’s because they are known to attract a lot of foot traffic. Yet, the COVID-19 pandemic has decreased foot traffic, causing retailers like Dillard’s to close shops.

According to the company’s operating statistics, Dillard’s overall retail sales climbed by 10% for the 13 and 26 weeks that ended July 30, 2022. Also, the business posted a net income of $414.5 million, up from $343.9 in the same quarter in 2021. Additionally, the retail behemoth’s EPS increased from $16.03 to $23.07.

Dillard’s said that it would close two stores by September 30, 2022. It is one in the Sikes Senter in Wichita Falls, Texas, and one in the East Hills Mall in St. Joseph, Missouri. However, neither location began accepting new customers in August 2022.

Despite having two fewer stores towards the end of 2022, the company had over 250 Dillard’s locations and 29 clearance centers scattered over 29 states. Customers can buy online at the department store as well. 

Get the Coast reported on November 29 that the department store planned to close its site in the Santa Rosa Mall in Mary Esther, Florida. The mall’s owners, Radiant Partners, have announced they are concluding a deal to buy and close the Dillard’s store. It is done as part of a renovation strategy for the shopping center.

“Dillard’s has been a valued partner for the Santa Rosa Mall for years,” Radiant Partners LLC managing partner David Schonberger told Get the Coast. Both parties could follow their strategic goals due to the decisions to close the business and transfer ownership of the land.

According to the news source, the transaction is anticipated to be finalized in the first quarter of 2023.

Thus, as per its strategy for 2022, Dillard’s will close a few stores, but the company won’t go out of business. 

Dillard’s reported a $289.2 million profit

Dillard’s Inc. posted 2022 fourth-quarter results that easily surpassed analysts’ estimates. Also, the business keeps focusing on inventory control. However, the company acknowledged sales in December were slow, which resulted in January markdowns.

Dillard’s reported net income of $289.2 million, or $16.89 per share, for the quarter that ended on January 28. It was as opposed to $321.2 million, or $16.61 per share, for the same period in 2021.

Yet, the business announced it would close locations in Phoenix, Grand Island, and Fort Walton Beach, Florida, during the first quarter of 2023. Dillard’s stated that a new 140,000-square-foot shop would open in the spring in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The store opened in South Dakota for the first time, bringing Dillard’s operations to 30 states.

Compared to $862.5 million, or 41.88 cents per share, the company’s net income for the year was $841.6 million, or $50.81 per share. As opposed to $6.49 billion the year before, net sales for the year were $6.87 billion. At the time, same-store sales increased by 5%.

In a statement, William T. Dillard, II, the CEO of Dillard’s, said, “We are beginning our 85th year of operation in a strong position. Just a few years ago, a fiscal year’s earnings per share of $50.81 looked highly unlikely. But we have now seen what is achievable when inventory is controlled and customers are prioritized.”

The categories with the best results for the fourth quarter of 2022 were cosmetics and women’s clothing. But home and furniture had the worst consequences. As a percentage, same-store sales were unchanged.

The term “retail apocalypse” refers to the many large businesses stopping operations at many locations throughout the United States, including Dillard’s. Dennis Dick, a trader with Las Vegas-based Bright Trading LLC, used this phrase. This phrase is claimed to describe the abrupt drop in the retail sector.

Dillard’s closes stores abruptly

According to the company’s announcement, Dillard’s Virginia site will close after 24 years. The action was taken in response to the famous department store closing stores in three states earlier this year. When visitors arrived at the Virginia site, they were greeted by notices that the store was closing.

The most recent closure saw Norfolk’s Economic Development Authority pay $4 million for the business. Employees reported that management needed to explain why the company was shuttered. It’s even though they were forbidden from speaking about the unexpected closing, according to Wavy.

The MacArthur facility would become a discounted store. This is according to Julie Guymon, a Dillard’s corporate office spokesman, who made the announcement in June 2023.

The store will collect clearance goods from full-line Dillard’s locations. It will offer them to their customers at steep discounts under this format. The facility was the largest in Virginia. It stood three floors tall and contained 250,000 square feet.

Sadly, this is not the first time the iconic retailer has had to shut its doors this year. Dillard’s closed three locations earlier this year, including those in Florida, Nebraska, and Arizona. Because they made $30 million more than the previous years, this created a lot of questions.

The Dillard’s in the MacArthur Center in Norfolk is closing

The final anchor store at MacArthur Center, Dillard’s, is closing. Signs inform customers on the entryway that the department store at 200 Monticello Ave. is now shutting down. The banner advises customers to shop at other local stores and thank them for the memories. A Dillard’s staffer also said the store was closing, though she was unsure of the exact date.

On July 18, employees rushed about the first and second levels, moving pallets of goods through empty displays. Escalators were turned off and stopped by barriers. Also, the third floor was fully locked. The tops of vacant makeup counter booths were studded with red “store closing” signs. All the merchandise had been removed from the third floor, leaving only empty racks and mannequins.

A representative for Dillard’s told the Pilot on June 29 that the business had already disclosed plans to reduce the shop into a one-floor Dillard’s Clearance Center. Also, he has yet to reply to inquiries.

A sign initially saying, “Store closing, Dillard’s Clearance Center coming soon,” has been partially hidden. It now reads, “Store closing. This sign is located outside the entrance to the mall parking deck.

The MacArthur Center will cost $18 million, as the City Council decided in June. The city controlled the two mall parking garages, the property, and the former Nordstrom space. But the Dillard’s building was excluded from that decision.

Like other malls nationwide, MacArthur Center has been losing significant tenants for years, including Nordstrom, the Apple Store, and Barnes & Noble. The mall and Dillard’s both opened in 1999.


Dillard’s is renowned for having an extensive, fascinating history spanning more than five decades. William T. Dillard founded Dillard’s after working in the retail industry with his father since he was 12. He established the first Dillard’s store in Nashville, Arkansas, in 1938. The Dillard family is still in charge of running the department store, which is expanding quickly.

Despite challenges from previous store closures, they still intend to open a new flagship in Texas’ South Plains Mall and a new location in South Dakota. Both expect to start operations in 2024. As of the time, no official explanation for the closures had been provided, but they are reportedly strategic. Thus, Dillard’s is not going out of business!

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