Le Creuset Discontinued Colors 2024

Le Creuset Discontinued Colors

Over the years, Le Creuset has stopped producing many cookware colors, notably limited-edition hues. Burgundy, Flame, Tournesol, Palms, Meringue, Peacock, Oyster, and Petal Pink are a few of the colors that were most popular in the past. But they are no longer available.

In addition, hues like Kiwi Green, Paloma, White from the Signature range, and Soleil have been withdrawn. Besides, the shades Tidal, Satin Black, and Evergreen were only offered for a short amount of time before being removed.

Sadly, the company occasionally removes popular or unpopular colors from its permanent collection. This will upset customers who adore the cherished shades. And for now, it’s bidding farewell to two favorites: ganache and Deep Teal. In many people’s eyes, both are near-perfect. The first is a rich, multicolored shade of blue, while the second is a velvety chocolate brown. It’s still possible if one of these colors appeals to you. Both colors are available for purchase, and every item is marked down. Let us know about their discontinued products in detail in this article.

What were the initial Le Creuset colors?

Le Creuset is a cookware company based in France and Belgium. Their signature product is cast-iron cookware that has been enameled.

Flame, Cherry, and Soleil were the original Le Creuset hues. They were initially made available in France in 1925. The items were coated with enamel and fired once to create the subtle color differences. It is a unique technique that the Le Creuset foundry created.

The original Flame shade was a striking orange-red. It is still recognized as a symbol of the Le Creuset brand. While the overall design of the enamelware hasn’t mostly stayed the same since then, the range of available colors has.

Some of the recent additions include many shades of the popular Flame color. They are delicate pastel hues, deep blues, and yellows. Each has a unique charm and allure of its own. In 2020, social media users began to appreciate Le Creuset kitchenware more as a high-end designer brand.

What kinds of Le Creuset colors are there?

Le Creuset offers various cookware, bakeware, and other goods in over 60 colors. Twenty-eight traditional coloring possibilities are included in the core spectrum. This includes filet, cherry, oyster, Jacquard, palm, and cassis.

Additionally, the company frequently releases limited-edition collections with more unique colorways. For example, the Le Color Vibrations Collection features three distinct colors: sapphire, emerald, and oasis.

Le Creuset is discontinuing Deep Teal

If you’ve been saving money to furnish your kitchen with sparkling, deep teal Le Creuset, the time has come. The retailer revealed on July 18 via Instagram that the well-liked shade would shortly be discontinued.

Le Creuset’s decision to stop producing one of its most renowned colors, Deep Teal, had disappointed fans of the well-known cookware. The following statement was sent on Instagram by Le Creuset to its followers:

“The time has finally come for Deep Teal to leave. Click on the link in our bio to order your favorite items in this cool, luminous jewel tone (on sale!) before they’re gone forever. Customers still have options, even if many fans raced to the comments area to voice their displeasure. Le Creuset’s teal color is no longer available, but you can still enjoy their current discount.”

In 2020, the color debuted as a part of the company’s fall lineup. The color was characterized as “A cool, luminous jewel tone—striking in its vibrancy, fascinating in its depth” on the Le Creuset blog. Deep Teal has seductive hints of green and blue. A vibrantly elegant hue that unites and inspires—either by contrasting brighter tones with darker ones or by letting its beauty shine. Any area or table it serves will benefit from its noticeable modernism.

Cast-iron Dutch ovens and vibrant enamel cookware are signature items of the French-Belgian business. The bright side to losing the Deep Teal collection is that there will be a fantastic sale, as their products can be an investment. Stocking up on Le Creuset teal pots and pans and other carbon steel stockpots now is a great idea.

Deep teal items are probably disappearing from shelves to make room for the next arrivals. It’s because the color palette is constantly changing. Fear not, admirers of cold colors! Entrancing blue tones like carefree Caribbean, beautiful jewel-toned Agave, or comfortable Azure will remain to keep you company. In addition, consumers of Le Creuset products in Oyster or Nectar might discover that Deep Teal suits their kitchen cabinetry well.

BeautifulLe Creuset dropped a beautiful color

Le Creuset decided to crush the internet’s hearts when this color seemingly appeared everywhere. Get the brand’s signature indigo colorway if blue is your 

It’s my favorite color before it is permanently retired. The deep blue color is being phased out to make room for new ones. This is according to a post on the company’s official Facebook page in September 2022.

On the Le Creuset website, 27 pieces come in the deep hue, and several are discounted at that time. Their most vital feature is that most Le Creuset dishes can be used in the oven and cooktop. The inside lid guides condensation back to what’s cooking, keeping everything moist. It will allow you to make delicious fall braises, roasts, stews, and more.

Shop more than two dozen items from Le Creuset in the deep blue of indigo before the color disappears forever. “Just visit Le Creuset before the supplies run out” was advertised.

Time is running out for Deep Teal and Ganache!

In addition to deep Teal, the business is bidding farewell to the ganache. For many people, both offer different shades of perfection. The deep Teal is a rich, multicolored shade of blue, while the ganache is a velvety chocolate brown. It’s still possible if either of these colors interests you. Both shades are still available for purchase. Also, every item is marked at a discount price. 

However, you’ll need to act quickly because some of the best items are only offered briefly. Deep Teal and Ganache won’t be around after that. The discounted items in these colors are listed below:

  • Round Dutch Oven, Deep Teal, from $312 (originally $390)
  • Round Dutch Oven with Ganache, from $336 (originally $420)
  • 6.75-Quart Oval Dutch Oven, Deep Teal, $356 (originally $445)
  • 6.75-Quart Oval Dutch Oven, Ganache, $356 (originally $445)
  • Braiser, Deep Teal, from $294 (originally $368)
  • 3.5-Quart Braiser, Ganache, $295 (originally $368)
  • Heritage 4-Quart Rectangular Casserole, Deep Teal, $108 (originally $135)
  • Heritage Pie Dish, Deep Teal, $45 (originally $56)
  • 4-Piece Mug Set, Deep Teal, $76 (originally $96)
  • Signature 10.25-Inch Skillet, Ganache, $176 (originally $220)
  • Heritage Butter Dish, Deep Teal, $28 (originally $35)
  • Signature 10.25-Inch Square Skillet Grill, Deep Teal, $180 (originally $225)

Which Le Creuset colors pair well together?

Le Creuset cookware is available in various hues, from traditional white to vivid shades. Many color choices look fantastic together. It is regardless of whether you’re seeking a matching set or an eclectic collection.

Pair traditional hues like white, blue, palm, red, and black for a timeless look. It’s because they are alluring to most people. Color combinations like Moroccan blue, sapphire blue, sand, and white might produce a spectacular contrast if you search for something more daring.

Use complementary hues like marine and cassis to achieve a vintage effect. Combine hues like white, flame, Caribbean, and Teal for a modern appearance.

Whether your taste is traditional, modern, or eclectic, Le Creuset’s colors enable you to express your unique style with lovely results.


In the comments section of the news post, fans of the color expressed their sadness over the loss of the deep teal line. Customers can still purchase many Deep Teal items at a 20% discount. This includes the stockpot, the iconic skillet, and the round Dutch oven.

Customers can find comfort if their Deep Teal piece is out of stock. It’s because they can attempt other comparable colors, such as Caribbean and Agave. If, by the time they start shopping, they discover that the items they love are sold out,

Additionally, fans can mix and combine their preferred items that go well with their adored Deep Teal. Your blueish-green kitchenware will look more appetizing if you use colors like Nectar and Oyster.

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