Milky Way Simply Caramel Is Discontinued: Is It Still Exists?

Milky Way Simply Caramel is discontinued

If nothing lasts forever, what makes chocolate an exception? Since everything must eventually end due to the nature of human existence, it is genuinely not a break from the norm. Putting philosophy aside, the world of sweet munchies supports this idea.

Many of us have a sick fascination with no longer available foodstuffs. It is regardless of whether the reason for their decline is evident or not. Even if the reason for discontinuing a specific chocolate treat isn’t apparent, there is generally little proof.

Milky Way candy bars feature a fantastic ingredient combination. Every aspect of chocolate is perfectly combined in the final flavor! The Milky Way has changed significantly to become what it is now.

A brand-new whole caramel sensation is the Milky Way Brand Simply Caramel Bar. It gives fans of the Milky Way Bar’s renowned rich, creamy caramel more of what they love about the product. However, whether it’s been discontinued or not needs to be clarified. Some internet stores carry it. In this article, we can learn more about Milky Way chocolates.

A History of Milky Way Chocolate Bars

The manufacturer of the Milky Way bar is Mars, Inc. It is an American candy company producing Snickers, the Mars Bar, and Twix. In Tacoma, Washington, Mars Inc. was founded. In 1923, they created the Milky Way Candy Bar, which is available in chocolate and vanilla flavors. Around a nougat center, he developed a simple but delectable hard chocolate coating.

The “Milky Way” trademark was officially recognized in the United States in 1925. Contrary to common belief, a well-liked milkshake is precisely where it got its name. The milkshake also inspired the Milky Way flavor, which helped the candy bar surge in popularity.

They produced more kinds of candy bars due to their success with it that year. Later, the new version was named “Midnight.” The flavor was well-liked enough to endure for many years. As a result of the new candy bar’s popularity, Mars expanded its marketing initiatives.

In the 1900s, catchphrases like “Life is better in the Milky Way” and “Comfort in every bar” were familiar. The candy bar’s popularity increased again due to increased advertising. Over the following few years, more than five new Milky Way variants and changes to the packaging were produced.

The original Milky Way is currently the most well-liked in the United States. Packaging for this variant is green, brown, and white. Milky Way candy bars are a favorite among many people worldwide despite not being often eaten by Americans.

The Milky Way has evolved significantly!

More than $800,000 worth of Milky Ways were sold within a year of their release. At 5 cents each, that equals an intake of approximately 16 million bars. Customers were enchanted by the portable malted milkshake’s perceived value and novelty. Forrest Mars recalled that customers would see a massive Milky Way next to a flat, nickel-sized Hershey bar when they approached the candy counter.

He posed a rhetorical question: “Guess which of these they’d pick?” According to Samira Kiwash’s “Candy: A Century of Panic and Pleasure,” Mars suggested that the Milky Way, which weighed roughly 3 ounces in the early 20th century, would weigh just 1.8 ounces in 2021, which would hold the key.

Over time, the Milky Way’s composition has altered in addition to its weight. The Candy Professor claimed that the caramel layer was a skinny stripe.

It was less expensive because nougat only required three ingredients—eggs, sugar, and air. Hershey, Mars’ main competitor, produced the chocolate that encased the caramel and nougat until the middle of the 1960s. According to “The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink,” all chocolate coating operations were shifted in-house after Forrest Mars took over Mars Inc..

Milky Way Simply Caramel

Along with the 3 Musketeers, Mars Bar, and Snickers candy bars, all owned by Mars, Inc., Milky Way is one of the most well-known and long-standing candy bars in the United States. However, these goods might be marketed differently or under the same brand but with different formulas outside the United States. In the US, the Milky Way consists of chocolate-covered nougat and caramel.

They produced a simple caramel and chocolate bar named Marathon for a very short time. A short-lived limited-edition Milky Way bar with just caramel was available in tiny form in 2007 or 2008. Then, in 2008, it was introduced regularly as Mars Caramel in Canada (and was additionally nut-free). It took some time for it to return, but it was also made available in 2010 in complete bar form here.

The Milky Way Caramel Bar fills a gap in the array of candy options available in American candy bars. It’s milk chocolate encasing solid caramel.

It differs from the Rolo, which consists of little bits packed with flowing caramel, and the Cadbury Caramello, a flowing caramel wrapped in milk chocolate. Like the majority of Mars candy goods, it is appealing. The block is smaller than a typical Milky Way bar.

The Milky Way Simply Caramel Bar is a new total caramel sensation that gives caramel lovers more of what they crave. It is the brand’s renowned rich, creamy caramel. It was made available nationwide on June 10, 2010, according to Mars Chocolate North America.

According to Debra A. Sandler, chief consumer officer for Mars Chocolate North, “The Milky Way Brand Simply Caramel Bar is a delightful addition to our Milky Way Brand family. It truly makes the caramel the star.”

“Our new Simply Caramel Bar celebrates fans’ love of the Milky Way Bar and their fondness for rich, delicious caramel. This is made to offer the ultimate smooth and creamy munching experience,” he added.

There is no official announcement or news about the discontinuation of Milky Way Simply Caramel. It is available in some online stores, while in others, it is out of stock or unavailable.

Milky Way discontinued flavors

The Milky Way bar was first offered as a two-piece bar in 1932. However, the chocolate and vanilla flavors were discontinued in 1936. A Milky Way bar wrapped in dark chocolate was substituted and given the new moniker Forever Yours. In 1979, the Forever Yours bar was discontinued.

When Milky Way crispy rolls were announced as being discontinued, some chocolate lovers were disappointed. They were first introduced in 1984 and were well-liked by fans. Mars Inc. immediately stopped selling the product as a result of falling sales. Some people may be upset that their favorite has been discontinued. Others might be thrilled at the chance to try new kinds of chocolate.

There are so many delectable options available that it is not surprising that one of the most well-known chocolate bars in history is one of your choices. The Milky Way Lite candy bar best represents the 1990s’ fixation with diets.

It is the first candy bar to pass the Food and Drug Administration standards to be certified as a light product. Mars was able to reduce the calorie content by 50 calories. It is by producing the original Milky Way with polydextrose, a carbohydrate with fewer calories.

Consumers commented that it tasted “exactly like a regular Milky Way” when it was first introduced in 1996. Thus, it was a success. Early sales indicated customer approval. It was among the top 20 candy bars sold in the United States within a year.

Although there was a market for allegedly healthier diet versions of well-known brands, by 1999, the general trend had faded. David Taylor, a former director of packaged goods for Ukrop’s Supermarkets, stated at the time that “the low-fat market is falling.” This trend also affected Milky Way Lite. This item was quietly dropped when nutritional rules and customer preferences changed throughout the twenty-first century.


A select few candy bars have become ingrained in the retail industry and the broader American mindset. Hershey bars, Snickers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and Milky Way are sure to be available almost everywhere. It includes grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and newsstands nationwide.

Since its launch almost a century ago, the chocolate-covered dessert with the name of a galaxy has sold steadily, if not astronomically. Its unique brown, green, and white wrapper makes a delicious combination with the perfect balance of chocolate, nougat, and caramel.

One of the earliest “combination bars” ever was the three-part Milky Way! It was introduced long before most other chocolate brands were loaded with nuts or another texture-improving ingredient. Thus, the well-known Milky Way has secured a position in American and food history.

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