Monster hydro discontinued: what happned to monster electrolyte drinks?

Monster hydro discontinued

Monster has held the title of most popular energy drink globally for a long time. The business has created a unique market niche for itself. It enjoys a loyal customer base for its goods. It was one of the first energy drinks available and quickly gained popularity, especially among young people. The brand has put nearly 30 flavours or varieties on the market since it was founded.

People’s current needs drove these drinks. The Monster has been serving as an image of youth. High school and college students still find it quite popular. Almost all nations in North America, Europe, and Asia have the brand’s products. Other companies that produce energy drinks also take inspiration from monsters.

But occasionally, the flavour you wish to buy is unavailable, making you worry if certain monster drinks are no longer available. Many of Monster’s tastes have been dropped over the years as well. To take on Gatorade, Monster Energy introduced a line of flavours called Monster Hydro in March 2017. It is still accessible in many nations.

About Monster Energy Drink

In 2002, Monster Energy and its flagship brand, Monster Energy Limited, were launched. The company gained popularity and began importing its goods into almost 200 nations. The business has long used distinctive marketing techniques. It includes using well-known athletes and sports figures as brand ambassadors. This is a fantastic method for fans and their favourite characters to get to know one another. Famous football and basketball players have a powerful influence on many people. Hence, those individuals tend to buy the things they promote.

The brand became the most well-known energy drink brand in the world. It’s the result of innovative marketing strategies like degrees. Even today, Monster is the market leader for energy drinks. It has remained an extremely successful energy drink brand for almost two decades. The public has never voiced or received any complaints about the quality or packaging of the products. The company has consistently had a spotless reputation and kept clear of scandal.

Monster Hydro

Monster Hydro is naturally flavoured and non-carbonated. It tastes very mildly sweetened to quench your thirst. To compete with Gatorade, Monster Hydro was introduced. People who enjoy sports beverages like Gatorade but also desire the caffeine and other energy-boosting elements that an energy drink offers will be drawn to this version of Monster. Yet it has several ingredients, such as taurine and caffeine, that Gatorade does not. It is non-carbonated, in contrast to most Monster Energy beverages. Monster Hydro comes in a 24-ounce bottle and clear plastic containers.

Monster Hydro Flavours are as follows: 

  • Tropical Thunder 
  • Blue Ice 
  • Zero Sugar
  • Watermelon  
  • Purple Passion
  • SuperSport: Red Dawg
  • SuperSport: Blue Streak
  • SuperSport: Killer Kiwi
  • SuperSport: Macho Mango

As per the study, there were no recalls on the Monster Hydro drinks.

Why does Monster stop making certain flavours?

Most of the time, Monster discontinued flavours due to poor sales. It will reduce operational expenses and prevent product waste. Thus, a business may stop a particular variety if it is not selling well. In this way, Monster continues to test new flavours on consumers, and if they are successful, the variants will remain on the market. Yet, if sales are excellent, it is chosen to keep selling the product.

The news of a discontinuation is sometimes kept private by the brand. Customers suddenly cannot buy the goods because they vanish from the market. The tendency to wait to make formal notifications before dropping a particular product is one that many firms adopt.

Production-related concerns sometimes lead to a specific taste temporarily disappearing from the market. The item re-enters the market as soon as those problems are fixed. Thus, knowing the difference between temporary and permanent removal is crucial.

List of Discontinued Monster Energy Drinks

The Monster Company no longer produces all Monster Energy Drinks with too much propylene glycol. The artificial food ingredient propylene glycol belongs to the same chemical family as alcohol. Due to their high additive content, the Food Safety Authority (FSAI) revoked four of the brand’s energy drinks.

Among these drinks are:

  • Ripper Juiced Monster Energy, 500 ml
  • Lewis Hamilton Monster Energy, 500 ml
  • Espresso Monster Vanilla Espresso Triple Shot, 250 ml
  • Espresso Monster Salted Caramel Triple Shot, 250 ml

The business recalled all four batches of these monster drinks. FSAI nonetheless recommends the public return all the sets they buy to the store, even though these drinks won’t have a fatal outcome.

Further, some of the Monster drinks were discontinued. They are listed with explanations as follows:

Ballers Blend Energy Drink: Monster Energy long ago stopped making this product. Also, it has yet to make a comeback. Due to the limited popularity of this variation among clients, the brand discontinued it. But it has been on the market for many years.

Mad Dog Energy Drink: Although this flavour was distinctive, the company dropped it. Sadly, this version was cancelled because it did not sell well in the market.

Heavy Metal: This energizing beverage debuted in 2012 and was recently discontinued. After it stopped being produced, several consumers urged the brand to bring it back to the market. It’s because they disagreed with the maker’s choice.

Monster Assault: This one was among the most well-liked Monster Energy flavours ever. The item was ground-breaking and unique. When it was discontinued, there was a lot of social media debate since people struggled to comprehend why it was being finished. It was a profitable product that sold well. It still needs to be determined why it was discontinued.

Monster Energy is still in production and readily available. The brand currently offers more than 30 varieties and types. It continues introducing and removing new tastes every year in response to consumer desire. It is now one of the most popular energy beverages worldwide, and imports its goods to other nations.


Many flavours of Monster Energy have been discontinued over the years. The practice will continue in the upcoming years because it helps big companies stay relevant in the marketplace. Also, it will develop over time into a dynamic company.

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