Renowned New Balance 624 Discontinued?

New Balance 624 discontinued

The New Balance 624 cross-trainer is a famous leather trainer for many customers who are on their feet all day. New Balance has discontinued it. The New Balance 624 is one of the company’s iconic designs. It has garnered a lot of “believers” through the years who say it is their third, sixth, and even twentieth pair. It may not be a head-turner, but it provides support and comfort with its vintage dad-shoe charm.

In 1906, New Balance was a one-person operation that produced arch supports. Today, it is a multinational corporation that offers shoes and clothing in more than 120 nations. Although it is a specialty brand, its products are found in many sports and lifestyle categories. It continues to have a sizable production footprint in the UK and the US. Let us view the product New Balance 624 in detail in this article.

Overview of the brand:

One of the largest makers of athletic clothing and footwear in the world is New Balance Athletics, Inc. It is more commonly known as New Balance. The worldwide company has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

For the European market, New Balance has a manufacturing presence in both the United States and the United Kingdom. There, it makes several of its well-known models. New Balance promises to distinguish its goods from rivals. It is accomplished through its technical features, such as blended gel inserts, heel counters, and a more comprehensive range of sizes, especially for narrow or extensive widths. The privately held business generated approximately $5.3 billion in revenue in 2022.

New Balance 624 is no longer available:

The New Balance 624 is the perfect dad sneaker and the king of the cookout. These are ready for anything because they are decorated with the renowned N. The IMEVA (injection-molded EVA foam) midsole of these New Balance dad shoes provides large yet flexible cushioning. Thus, it opens up a world of comfort and retro-inspired elegance.

The all-black design provided people working in the restaurant, service, and retail sectors with long-lasting comfort and casual looks. This is due to its IMEVA cushioning, internal shank, and flexible non-marking sole. The vintage N ‘Dad shoe style in white leather and blue has the Medicare/HCPCS code A5500, which indicates that Medicare might cover it.

The most extended sizes and broadest widths available on the market were used to create these top-selling NB shoes: XX-Wide 6E for men up to size 20 and 4E size 13 for ladies.

Despite being advertised as a “Training shoe,” the 624 is actually a good walking trainer. If you value the following, this would be a fantastic option for you:

  • Shoes with a characteristic dad-shoe appearance, 
  • Affordable but durable, 
  • Shoes that can treat diabetes, plantar fasciitis, and other foot conditions.

Sadly, the New Balance 624 cross-trainer has been discontinued by the brand. “These (now-discontinued) New Balance 624 Cross-Training Shoes are still available!” as promoted in August 2021 in online shops.

What is available in 4E XX-wide to replace the New Balance 624?

The Industrial 626 is a skid-resistant industrial version of the MX624 cross-training shoe. It is available in both men’s (up to 6E width) and women’s (up to 2E) sizes. It would be the current inline substitution for those shoes.

Additionally, the 608 cross-training series, popularly known as “The Dad Shoe,” is also recommended. The original MX608WT, which preceded the MX624, is frequently remade by New Balance. After trying both, many customers prefer the original 608 to the 624.

Since its release, the 608 cross-trainer series has seen five updates. Version 5 (V5) refers to the current 2023 version. This design is offered in white, black, grey, blue, and brown suede. Each of those finishes with the number 5. The MX608AB5 in all-black, the MX608AW5 in white, and the MX608UG5, MX608UN5, and MX608UB5 in Suede are the Suede variations. These shoes can all be purchased in the 4E XX-Wide width.

New Balance 624 vs. 608 Shoes:

The longevity of these shoes was only slightly different after the insoles were removed. The 624 includes extra cushioning under the heel between the insole and the board, in addition to the rigid board that the 608 only has under the insole. The 624 is more flexible than the 608, although the 608 provides more foot support. 

The 624 is lighter than the 608 in weight. For a size 12 men’s shoe, the 624 weighs 0.86 pounds, and the 608 weighs 0.97 pounds per shoe. The heel-to-toe drop on the 608 and 624 is 10mm for both. The comfort of these shoes is comparable in general. Although the 624 is more flexible, the 608 provides more foot support.


Both the New Balance 624 and 608 Shoes are leather casual trainers. They are responsive enough to be worn as walking shoes but often serve as all-purpose shoes you can wear every day. These make them highly comparable.

The 608 provides more excellent support under the foot, but the 624 has a more flexible construction. The 608 is a little heavier as a result.

Although the 624 featured an extra layer of foam-like padding behind the heel, overall comfort is comparable. The fit felt identical to users, yet the 608 was somewhat broader. Both types regard it as being “true-to-size.”

Despite the fact that both are cozy, neither provides the “squishy” comfort under the foot that contemporary athletic shoes do. It is advised to wear the New Balance 1080 if you desire that cushy comfort.

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