Most Favorite Panera Bread Discontinued Items

Nothing is more upsetting than falling in love with a dish at your favourite fast food restaurant or cafe only to discover that it has been discontinued. Every fan of a brand has a wish list of items they are eagerly hoping will be brought back, and Panera Bread is no exception.

Panera Bread has long offered alternatives to compete with the conventional fast food scene. The fast-casual business was established in 1987. During the last ten years, its popularity has skyrocketed. It’s a company that prides itself on serving artisanal, healthier food. Their food items replace the usual burgers, chicken nuggets, and tacos in most fast food outlets.

The cafe has also become a popular hangout for many folks who need to get some work done on their laptops. Even still, the business continues to make heartbreaking decisions for its clients. This article covers some Panera Bread products that fans hope will be back in stock shortly. Let’s dive in!

Half of Panera Bread’s menu will be discontinued!

Fans of Panera Bread should prepare themselves. The beloved chain’s menu is undergoing a big makeover. It may be better if one of your favourite items is on the chopping list. The Sierra turkey sandwich, the chipotle chicken panini, the red velvet crinkle cookie, and the butternut squash ravioli have all been removed. The fans of Panera Bread have openly grieved this, much like they do with many other fast food and casual businesses.

A video was posted recently by a Panera Bread employee that has since been removed. It shows several more items are allegedly in danger of being discontinued. After meeting with the company’s chief operating officer, they were given a long list of menu items that would shortly be removed.

Panera declined to confirm whether the list was accurate. But it did provide Food Republic with a statement that read:

“To constantly improve the guest experience, we are currently testing a simplified menu in a select number of Panera bakery-cafés.” This will give customers a quicker and more convenient experience. Along with that, it will also streamline operations for our associates. Whether through menu innovation, simplification, or new technology, we constantly have a variety of tests across the nation. This is to find new ways to serve our customers better.”

Panera’s menu varies at test sites

Menus at fast-food and fast-casual restaurants have been slowly reduced over the past few years. Consider this a complete list of things removed from menus in 2020. Then, of course, there was the case when Taco Bell discontinued Mexican pizza, but it was then brought back. While streamlining processes and reducing costs are the main drivers, faster service is an extra factor.

According to the industry newspaper Restaurant Business, Panera is now experimenting with a more reduced menu at a few unknown test locations. But none have ever been this extreme among the reduced menu options we’ve seen at other restaurants.

List of discontinued items

Panera’s goal is to drop over 50 menu items, not just a few failing ones here and there. What a Panera employee claimed in a Reddit forum is being taken away at these test locations.

The following items are being removed from the Panera menu in each section:

  • The Chef’s Chicken Sandwich is one of four sandwiches
  • Two chicken-based salads
  • Three soups, notably the French onion soup from the Bistro
  • Broccoli cheddar mac and cheese
  • Three hot entrees
  • Pizzas on the menu since 2020 that are all flatbread
  • Three varieties of tea
  • The four different bread varieties are Asiago Focaccia, White Whole Grain Loaf, Classic Sourdough, and Brioche Roll.
  • Runny and over-easy egg choices
  • Sausage, brioche, and all souffles
  • Three bagels: blueberry, chocolate chip, and sesame
  • Chive and onion cream cheese
  • All the kid’s menu
  • Five speciality beverage selections, including hot chocolate and cold brews.
  • Eight pastries and sweets
  • Four take-home packages
  • Yogurt sides and a fruit cup

Significant menu additions happened in the years prior. It included the addition of dishes like the Chef’s Chicken Sandwich (Panera’s take on the fried chicken sandwich). Following that, only this market test was conducted. Remember that this is just a test taking place in a few places. It’s unlikely that we will soon be writing food eulogies or seeing social media rants over what has been permanently stopped.

Yet, it stands to reason that Panera would use the lessons learned from this condensed menu. This can help them decide directly about adapting its vast default menu to a new era of quick casual dining.

Previous discontinued news

The menu at Panera Bread frequently undergoes drastic changes. The company dropped over 150 “artificial ingredients” in 2015 to make its meals healthier and free of unwanted additives. The business even went so far as to compile a “no-no list” of every item restricted from entering their cuisine. This includes synthetic flavours and colours.

This had a significant impact on its offerings, forcing fans to recalibrate. Cutting back on its menu may save Panera Bread some money. But it might not shield them from potential blowback from unhappy clients.

According to a 2019 CNBC story, Panera changed its morning menu to engage in fierce breakfast warfare. Dishes like spinach and bacon souffle are an appealing shift from the typical fast-food breakfast fare. Although Panera’s breakfast selections are pretty good, their food can be more fresh than they claim. The only drawback is that it won’t be available if you try to order it after 10:30 in the morning.

Four Panera menu items you’ll never see again

Here is the complete list of Panera menu items no longer available. But some consumers still hold out hope that they’ll be brought back.

Sierra Turkey Sandwich

Nothing fills you up for lunch quite like a traditional turkey sandwich. The Sierra Turkey Sandwich had turkey breast, field greens, focaccia with Asiago cheese, red onions, and chipotle mayo. It was a massive hit with customers. It went great with chips or an apple as a side dish and was warm.

Despite being one of Panera’s most popular products among customers, the business decided to discontinue the sandwich. It happened after I tried to change the recipe. Sales of sandwiches quickly declined after the Sierra Turkey Sandwich’s sauce and bread were replaced.

Buttered squash ravioli

Even though Panera isn’t known for its pasta, you used to be able to find butternut squash ravioli at all of the Panera locations. The meal became popular in the mid-2000s. It was especially well-liked in the fall. It was presented with lots of sauce and cheese.

The serving size, not the flavour, may have caused Panera’s decision to stop selling the product. Customers frequently complained that the dish was pricey and disappointing for the price. On Trip Advisor, one client went so far as to call the ravioli a rip-off.

Chipotle Chicken Panini

The Chipotle Chicken Panini was a different fan favourite from Panera that left us far too soon. On toasted panini bread, the sandwich had chicken, bacon, and spicy melted cheese on top of a unique chipotle sauce.

Even ardent Panera fans were stunned when the menu item vanished suddenly in 2015. Fans believe the Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt, which Panera has now introduced, cannot compete with the original sandwich.

Red velvet crinkle cookies

In addition to its famous sandwich and salad bowls for lunch, Panera has created quite a reputation for its mouthwatering baked goods. The first time the red velvet crinkle cookies appeared was during the holiday season in 2012.

The gooey, rich substance of the delicate biscuits made buyers think of classic red velvet cake. It was there briefly before departing as the restaurant made room for other cookie options. Customers at Panera were overjoyed when the cookie first appeared, and many wish it were still available today.


In a statement, Panera did not confirm or deny whether the items mentioned in the video are indeed leaving the menu. Yet, it did state that the menu changes may only impact a select number of its restaurants.

If Panera does cut all of those famous items from its lineup, the changes will cause an uproar among fans. Customers have already been grieving the potential loss of the Kitchen Sink Cookie on social media since the viral TikTok started making the rounds.

According to Mashed, the claimed Panera Bread employee stated in TikTok that the restaurant intended to remove the items in two to three weeks. Customers may wait until then to eat any of their favourite dishes disappearing from the menu.

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