Pastina Discontinued Barilla: Is Still Tiny Star Pasta Exists?

Pastina discontinued Barilla

As a result of supply chain challenges, rising costs, or other pandemic-related effects, we have grown used to product shortages and discontinuations. However, occasionally, an announcement that will make you grieve may come along.

We rely on a select few brands for the quality and diversity of their pasta products. And one of those companies is undoubtedly Barilla. When Ronzoni announced that they would stop making pasta in 2023, many pasta fans went into an uproar. The pasta community on the internet was shocked, and it felt like our hopes for chicken and star soup were ruined.

But the fact remains that there are different pasta brands available. Furthermore, the Barilla brands still offer their pasta. Let us know more about Barilla’s Pastina in detail in this article.

What Is Pastina?

Regarding pasta, patina refers to any slight shape with a 1.5 to 2 millimeters or less diameter. Pastina occurs in a variety of shapes and is known by a variety of names. It’s because the term “patina” refers to all the little shapes of pasta. You could come across a star-shaped patina known as “stelline” (which means little stars in Italian) or a spherical patina known as “acini di pepe” (pepper seeds in Italian). But most of the patina we find in the US is shaped like a star.

Pastina is often regarded more like rice than pasta because it is smaller than other pasta types. It is frequently prepared as soup or in a way that resembles risotto, using chicken broth and Parmesan cheese. Also, occasionally, some will use an egg to give it an extra creamy texture.

What is unique about Pastina?

For Italians, particularly Italian Americans, pasta symbolizes comfort food. Pastina is sometimes called “Italian Penicillin” since Nonnas everywhere claim it will cure anything that ails you. It is often eaten as a comfort meal when someone is ill.

It is also swift to make. It’s a popular choice for cooking for hungry kids. It’s because you can prepare a warm bowl of pasta with just a few ingredients in less than fifteen minutes.

Pastina is also the comfort meal that many Italian Americans have grown up eating since they were little. Pastina is similar in size to matzo ball soup or chicken noodle soup. In addition to feeding the body, it also provides the soul. That’s why people are upset over Pastina’s discontinuation.

About the brand

An Italian family-run food company is called Barilla. They treat food very seriously, as do all Italian families. This is what the company has been accomplishing for 146 years. These days, they are dedicated to helping others experience the delight of wholesome eating. Thus, for them, quality is an option for a better life for everyone—from the individual to the entire world.

Pietro Barilla founded the company in 1877, launching a small bread and pasta store in Parma. The hunt for exceptional recipes, a dedication to quality, and the capacity to fuse tradition and innovation began at that moment.

Today, Barilla is a global corporation with brands in over 100 nations. The company has approximately 8,700 employees. It operates 29 production facilities throughout ten countries. Together, they produce over 2,100,000 tons of products annually.

The Barilla Group is regarded as a representation of Italian expertise. It dominates the pasta and ready-to-use sauces markets in continental Europe, bakery products in Italy, and crispbread in Scandinavia.

With 24.5% of the Italian market, the company is the world’s largest pasta producer and makes a wide variety of pasta. It produces over 160 different pasta sizes and shapes. Many restaurants around the globe, including those in the Pastamania franchise, sell pasta under the Barilla brand. 

Additionally, it is Italy’s top supplier of baked goods. With sales of 60,000 tons annually, it has become the leading maker of flatbread in the world. It did this by acquiring the Swedish firm Wasa. The business generated €4.633 billion in revenue and made a net profit of €192 million in 2022.

Pastina has been discontinued

Pastina, the tiniest star-shaped macaroni and the most miniature pasta in the Ronzoni collection will no longer be produced. The pasta manufacturer announced the news in January 2023. Although there are other pasta manufacturers, notably Barilla, Ronzoni’s is the most famous. It’s based on the response to the news. It has a distinctive shape with slightly rounded edges, like a tiny flower.

The Ronzoni brand revealed its plan to stop selling the pasta in an Instagram post. It stated that the “hard decision” had been made “after great efforts” to avoid doing away with the product. This happened mainly due to a problem with its supplier, as they stated.

As soon as they heard the news, saddened fans filled the post with comments grieving the loss of the pasta. Other pasta fans turned to Twitter and TikTok to pay tribute to the discontinued item.

Although rival companies like Barilla continue to produce patina, many people are firmly committed to Ronzoni.

Individual Ronzoni pasta boxes have been offered for over $60 on eBay. Other social media users have posted pictures of grocery buyers scooping up the product before it runs out.

Many comparable items are still on the market, even though Ronzoni Pastina will soon be gone. Some companies still manufacture and market their miniature star-shaped pasta. This includes Barilla, Goya, and Good & Gather.

Barilla maintains our Pastina fantasies

We rely on only a few companies for the quality and diversity of their pasta products. And one of those companies is certainly Barilla. When Ronzoni announced that they would stop making pasta, many pasta fans went into chaos.

Even though the Ronzoni Pastina news hurt us, we know that other companies have previously provided us with Pastina. This prompted a trip to the grocery store to discover if other manufacturers were still selling this recognizable design of small pasta.

In case you are interested, we can confirm that Barilla still provides pasta to those who enjoy it after visiting a local grocery store chain. In addition to being available in boxes on store shelves, you can order them directly from the company’s website!

It may be the ideal time to change your mind if you have yet to taste Barilla pasta. After all, you should have their pasta in your pantry if you need small stars for your upcoming homemade soup.

We were delighted to discover that 2023 holds some promise for Pastina. In the future, we can only hope that Barilla won’t shatter our hearts with bad pasta news.


The good news is that many other companies continue to produce and market patina in the United States. Pastina is still produced by Barilla, Colavita, San Giorgio, and Target’s proprietary label, Good & Gather. But if the supply expense does outweigh the demand, we can see the concern that if one brand stops producing, others will do the same.

We advise you to buy only some of the packages of pasta you see on the shelf. Buying one or two boxes could be an intelligent approach to letting the pasta companies know there is still a big market for it.

Are you hungry? Have a sudden need for some creamy, cheesy pasta? Try a soup with chicken and pasta; it’s like a cozy hug in a bowl.

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