PowerPot discontinued: What Happened To PowerPot After Shark Tank?

PowerPot discontinued

Did you know that a pot of boiling water can power your phone? The PowerPot produces electricity without the need for any moving parts. It has on-demand, portable power available whenever needed, day or night, in any weather. You can start producing power immediately by adding water to the pot and turning on the stove.

Power Practical’s flagship item, the Power Pot, provides a power source in an unusual design. As its name suggests, it functions as a cooking pot. But its in-built thermoelectric technology can also be used to recharge phones and other modern gadgets.

The bad news is that the Power Pot has not been made since September 2022. Production has stopped entirely.

How does PowerPot work?

The Power Pot is a thermoelectric generator that looks like a cooking pot. It uses a USB connector to charge electrical gadgets and heat water. Almost any heat source, including a hot spring, a propane heater, and a wood-burning stove, can be used with the PowerPot.

You can start making power by adding water to the Power Pot and lighting the burner! This fantastic creation combines a basic cooking pot with a small amount of renewable energy to produce a genuinely fantastic item.

The PowerPot is a thermoelectric generator. It transforms the temperature difference between the water at the bottom of the pot and anything else inside it into power.

With a regular socket and outlet, most USB devices will charge at least as quickly as possible. It’s because it outputs five watts and one amp of current. The PowerPot is an excellent resource for outdoor green living, camping, and power failures.

History of PowerPot

Two pals who have since become successful entrepreneurs developed the revolutionary technology known as the PowerPot. They are David Toledo and Caleb Light, both Salt Lake City, Utah residents. Light graduated with honours from Utah Valley University with a degree in business and entrepreneurship. Before starting Power Pot, he was a partner at CupAd LLC.

With an in-depth knowledge of how pyrotechnics operate in the real world, Light and Toledo set off on their new venture. During a weekend camping trip after a long and stressful semester, the founders learned the amount of energy bonfires can produce.

They decided to turn the energy into something useful, like electricity. Later, they were sold. Of all Light and Toledo’s portable inventions, the Power Pot—which contained this natural energy source—was the most famous. Additionally, the business has created a line of solar-powered goods.

On Shark Tank, David and Caleb asked for a $250,000 investment in exchange for a 10% ownership stake in Power Pot or Power Practical. They are the newest Kickstarter company to join the Tank. They have raised barely $200K in two consecutive funding cycles.

The company claims that the Power Pot is the “flagship product” of their business. Power Practical can charge any USB gadget. This includes smartphones, cameras, and GPS devices. It is done by using the heat produced by boiling water or cooking.

What Happened to the PowerPot?

After Caleb and David agreed to a contract with Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, PowerPot was launched as a consumer product in the US. The PowerPot was offered at most outdoor and camping retailers in the United States. It’s because of Mark’s vast network of well-known brands and suppliers.

PowerPot is also available at a reduced price on Amazon.com. This could result in significant financial savings for you. In addition, Power Pot is being made more accessible to third-world nations like Uganda to combat poverty.

These nations use solar energy to heat some households’ lighting, recharge electronic equipment, and boil water. According to the outcomes, The Power Pot has been one of Shark Tank’s more popular concepts. Without a doubt, Caleb, David, and PowerPot have a promising future.

Due to its collaboration with Mark Cuban, Power Pot has increased its retail distribution. They supplied almost all significant campsites and outdoor retailers in the United States.

People began buying Power Pot online from Amazon and other retailers nationwide. According to Power Pot’s founders, Thrasio purchased the company in March 2020. But as of 2022, Thrasio has stopped producing Power Pot.

When Power Pot appeared on Shark Tank, it was valued at $2.5 million. Since Thrashio purchased the power pot in 2020, its financial worth as of 2023 must be clarified.

Power Pot has enjoyed significant development and success since its Shark Tank appearance. Their net worth is thought to be 2.5 million USD as a result of collaborations and extra cash they have obtained.

Is PowerPot discontinued?

Although the PowerPot has been discontinued, the business is still innovating under Power Practical. Power Practical, the company that developed the Power Pot, made a move in 2020. There is no longer a website for the business as of September 2022. Their website’s address, www.powerpractical.com, sends users to their Amazon store, where the goods are accessible.

Thrasio, a firm that provides goods and services to consumers, purchased the company for an undisclosed sum. Both good and negative news for Power Practical would result from joining them. The bad news is that the Power Pot is still unavailable as of September 2022, and it appears that production of the item has completely stopped.

The good news is that Power Practical will continue to operate with a portfolio of innovative goods due to the new relationship. These include items like the exclusive Lumninoodle windproof and rechargeable LED light. It also offers a special bathroom spray that has an effective Kickstarter campaign. The entire Power Practical product line is available on Amazon.


From their beginnings on Shark Tank to their present position as an effective business, they have proven that anything is achievable with the right idea and implementation. We eagerly anticipate Power Pot’s future and continuous success.

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