Saucony Bullet Discontinued : Does It Still Exists?

Saucony Bullet Discontinued

A classic track shoe made appropriate for the streets is the Saucony Bullet Sneakers. Saucony added a cozy nylon top, suede overlays, and a rubber outsole to their vintage 1985 track star. The interior fabric is also softer. The super-low-profile shape and conventional cross-country platform give the 21st-century Bullet a nostalgic spirit. It makes us feel all kinds of emotions. These particular products that are no longer for sale are listed on the pages since they are out of production or discontinued.

Over 125 years have passed since Saucony first opened its doors. They are known for their excellent customer service and safe approach to technological advancement. They have produced many runners who were among the top 10 in Runner’s World. Professional athletes use them quite well. This article is about a Saucony minimalist trainer. It is none other than the Saucony Bullet Runner.

About the brand

Saucony offers a vast range of items, so there is something for every set of feet. Saucony offers footwear for all types of feet, including running shoes, lifestyle shoes, and casual trainers. Their entire product line is made with performance and comfort in mind. Saucony has been a pioneer in the athletic footwear industry since 1898.

The phrase “sock a knee” used to be put on Saucony shoe boxes, which stands for the proper pronunciation of the brand name. In 2016, Saucony and other Boston-area businesses were moved by Wolverine World Wide. It relocated them to a new regional headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Brief about the discontinued Saucony Bullet

The Saucony Bullet has a nylon upper with suede overlays. As both nylon and suede dry quickly, this would make drying easier. Yet, because suede is known to stain as a result of water damage, it might have an impact on how the product looks. Contrary to other runners available today, this one combines nylon with suede overlays rather than a mesh top. It lends support to the foot as well as the ‘breathable’ fabric in between. The material used to provide airflow is nylon.

People who wore it reported no problems with their feet overheating. Even though it didn’t have mesh, the Saucony Bullet still provided a respectable degree of breathing. According to the Saucony website, this shoe includes a cross-country platform, a simple design, and a lower profile.

Suede and nylon, as already noted in the article, are just two of the Saucony Bullet’s weather-resistant materials. According to several reviews, this product’s outsole consists of a thin but sturdy rubber. It appears to have withstood years of use and damage.

Additionally, they include an EVA midsole. It is a type of rubber that is found in running shoes due to its strength and comfortable foot support. The EVA in this shoe does not provide the necessary support for running. Thus, there do not appear to be many problems with the midsole or outsole tearing or fracturing.

Many reviews claimed that the item held up for more than five years of use. This might be because people using this product aren’t running on city streets. Instead, they used them in the gym or for regular wear because of their stylish style. The lack of mesh, which breaks down owing to its weaker nature, and the suede overlays, which are again more rigid, more lasting materials, may account for some of the durability.

The connection between the upper and outsole also appears to be robust. Overall, users of this product discovered that it held up well against wear and tear. This is a valuable attribute for a runner to have, particularly in terms of price.

What is the price of a Saucony Bullet?

The Saucony Bullet is one of the more affordable running shoes. This product has a more fashionable design, allowing the purchaser to use it both as a running shoe at the gym and as a fashion accessory while out and about. As a result, there would be a level of cost savings. It’s because just one runner would need to be purchased to suit many purposes.

However, there are better options than purchasing this shoe for more intense jogging, such as on trails or outside. The makers designed this as a workout buddy rather than for use on treks or journeys.

However, given its exceptional durability, which can last some wearers for years of use, this shoe would be more expensive and valuable. It is unquestionably worth looking at because it is durable, adaptable, and comfortable. If this is being bought as a runner, it could not be adequate and would need the purchase of a second set of runners for that use. This is something to think about before purchasing this runner.

But overall, this item is cheap and plentiful for growing feet or those on a tight budget.


The company has been in operation for more than a century. Thus displaying its dedication to giving runners all over the world top-notch footwear. Overall, Saucony is a reputable company that sells shoes of outstanding quality and comfort. The firm’s pricing range is also pretty reasonable, and it offers a large variety of styles and designs. Discontinuation happens in every business for good reasons.

The Saucony Bullet is a stylish, high-quality shoe with a solid design. It is affordable and durable under heavy use. The fact that the shoe provides less support than similar trainers is a major worry; besides, they do provide a high level of abrasion resistance. They have a trendy look and are functional because they work well as both a night-out shoe and a workout partner. People who wore this shoe did so for a very long time. However, the withdrawal has left many users unhappy.

Overall, the Saucony Bullet is a high-quality item produced by a reputable business. As a result of these factors, this is a wise investment.

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