Why Our Fav Wegman’s Soda Was Discontinued

Wegman's Soda Was Discontinued

There are many reasons to adore Wegmans, but this week’s news about the chain stepping down on a beloved item left many people in grief. Due to some dubious ingredients, the grocery chain is removing its WPOP brand soda!

In 1991, Wegmans began distributing its store-brand soda. Hereafter, the Gates-based chain of grocery stores will no longer offer this well-known Wegmans brand product. The firm’s “Food You Feel Good About” banner does not support artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. So, company officials announced recently that Wegmans is ending the sale of its store-brand soda.

Wegmans is a major retailer with over 100 locations throughout eight states and Washington, D.C. The family-owned supermarket business ranked No. 4 in April. It has appeared on Fortune’s list of the Best Companies to Work For for 26 years. Let us know more about its discontinued soda in detail in this article.

About Wegmans

A privately held American grocery chain is called Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. It was established on January 30, 1916, in Rochester, New York. Its headquarters are in Gates, New York. The Wegmans chain had 109 open locations around the east coast of the US as of July 2023. The business plans to expand into Connecticut and establish seven new stores soon.

Wegmans was the parent company of Chase-Pitkin. It is a regional home improvement retailer. Wegmans announced on October 4, 2005, that it would shut down all Chase-Pitkin locations by the beginning of 2006. This was done to concentrate on its supermarket business. According to reports, the decision to leave the home improvement industry was made due to the growing dominance of big-box stores like Lowe’s and The Home Depot. Throughout March 2006, many Chase-Pitkin locations closed on their own.

In January 2008, Wegmans declared that it would stop selling tobacco products. It’s due to their harmful impact on human health and the environment. Also, it would provide smoking cessation programs to every employee. The American Lung Association of New York State applauded the choice and gave Wegmans the “Lung Champion Award.”

Much media coverage has been given to Wegmans for its clientele, organic food, hot food bars, range of food varieties, and contented employees. In 2016, Market Force conducted a countrywide study of more than 10,000 grocery store patrons. Wegmans was chosen as “America’s Favorite Grocery Store.”

Customers at Wegmans have a devoted following. They even waited overnight in the thousands to welcome a new shop, receiving praise for their loyalty. The #Wegmania hashtags on Twitter and Tumblr are used exclusively by the store’s followers.

Wegmans discards its well-liked self-checkout app

Wegmans removed its popular self-checkout apps, which let shoppers scan and bag things as they shopped. The grocery store company stated “losses” as the reason for ending the SCAN app but gave no other information.

According to a Wegmans representative, “SCAN users have told us they love the app and its ease of use. “Sadly, we cannot keep making it available in its current form due to the losses we are facing.”

The grocery company announced that the app would remain inactive until it could be improved to serve its consumers and operations better. Due to the end of service, frequent SCAN customers received a $20 discount. The company noted, “We’ve learned a lot and’ll keep introducing fresh digital options. It is to streamline the purchasing experience in the future.”

Wegmans discontinues its soda brand

Customers at the 1750 East Avenue facility in Rochester, New York, were greeted by an eye-catching sign.

Wegmans says it is ending its store-brand soda. This soft drink brand is popularly known as “WPOP.” It has been a mainstay of grocery store companies for decades. The discontinuation was done to uphold its slogan, which promotes healthy eating.

Wegmans said the beverages did not meet the criteria set out by its “Food You Feel Good About” banner in a public statement on August 23, 2023. The retail business states that it is devoted to assisting consumers in leading healthier, better lives through excellent food. This motto had made this choice of discontinuation. So that customers would feel confident purchasing products under the store’s brand name.

The drinks, which at the time went by the name WPOP, were introduced in the late 1980s with a significant advertising effort. The memorable commercials and the tagline “It’s Dynamite” will stick in buyers’ minds. Even Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly appeared in the advertisements.

The well-known NBC television program “The Office,” based in Scranton, Pennsylvania, featured Wegman’s soda several times.

This may be a surprise for those who have been consuming the adored beverage for years. A longtime supporter of the soda tweeted, “The news today has made me think about WPOP. I think almost every single holiday family picture from when I was a kid features at least one person holding a root beer or lemon-lime.”

Thus, Wegmans is ending the sale of its store-brand soda, distinguished by its “W” logo. Also, it is less expensive than Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, and Sprite.

Reason for the discontinuation

According to WROC, the Upstate New York grocery company displayed a sign at its Rochester branch warning customers that it will no longer sell Wegmans soda. This is because it includes aspartame and high fructose corn syrup. As we mentioned earlier, the business claimed that the “Food You Feel Good About” slogan was not adhered to by the ingredients in their soft drinks. It is also known as “pop” in Western New York and other regions of the United States.

“Due to the use of artificial ingredients, including aspartame and high fructose corn syrup, we are discontinuing Wegmans Brand Soda. We expect to run out of our existing inventory of Wegmans Brand soda within the next week and won’t be producing any more of it,” according to the firm.

According to Dr Steve Cook of the University of Rochester Medical Center, aspartame, high fructose, and corn syrup have a variety of negative impacts.

“They can affect your gut and how it feels, as well as how the bacteria in your intestines feel, so individuals will have some side effects,” he said. “It’s okay to consume one of them, perhaps. Yet, if you take two or three a day, you can experience gastrointestinal distress, some gas, unpleasant bowel movements, and other things. Artificial sweeteners can cause migraines in some people. Thus, there are many potential triggers,” he added.

Jack Tumulty, a customer at Wegmans, said he wasn’t shocked by the decision. It’s because of the possible effects of the artificial components of the items.

Tumulty stated, “I think what they’re doing is fantastic. The negative effects of soda are one of the main reasons I don’t drink it. Therefore, the fact that they’re getting rid of it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that people shouldn’t be consuming it.”

Aspartame has been linked to cancer despite not being banned by the Food and Drug Administration. Studies have also shown that artificial sweeteners can interfere with behaviour and cognition. Conversely, obesity may result from high-fructose corn syrup.

Although the components are unhealthy, some fans are still upset to see their beloved products disappear. In the upcoming week, Wegmans plans to run out of its remaining soda supply in New York State.

The grocery store chain’s Wegmans brand included both regular and diet cola. Two-litre bottles are available online for 56 cents each, though costs can vary depending on location.

Alternatives to the discontinued product

Customers can still purchase two-litre bottles of Coca-Cola and Pepsi for $2.69 each in the interim. Of course, both products cost more than the Wegmans brand despite having high fructose corn syrup in common. And aspartame still comes in diet and sugar-free varieties.

However, some supermarkets, like Kroger, continue producing soda brands that are far less expensive than Coke and Pepsi.

Also, Wegmans currently has yet to make plans to produce any other sodas under its private-label brand.

Other discontinued Wegmans products

However, Wegmans still needs to eliminate items from its stock. For example, the grocery chain has stopped selling its-brand potato chips made with avocado oil. Sea salt and avocado oil were used to fry the chips, but it needs to be clarified if extra ingredients or other oils were used.

The company posted on social media, “Unfortunately, our supplier can no longer produce these for us. At this time, there are no plans to find another manufacturer.”

Additionally, the business no longer sells Hatfield scrap. It is a meat pudding made with ground pork. Although the Hatfield edition is no longer available online, it can be purchased through Amazon for an expensive price. A hefty $129.99 is advertised for a five-pound two-pack.

In addition, Wegmans reported that its supplier has stopped selling shredded hash browns, a breakfast dish. The item has a 28-ounce bag and costs $2.99.


According to the Post-Standard archives, “W” soda debuted in 1991. Also, it remained a staple in the company’s stores for more than three decades. As a private label without the need for mass marketing, it was a more affordable product for customers. Also, it is more profitable for Wegmans!

“Aspartame may not be healthy even at the suggested safe quantities. This is according to an analysis published in September 2017 by Nutrition Reviews. Frankly, it’s been linked to a variety of illnesses, including cancer and neurological difficulties. In the same year, research published in PLoS One indicated that high fructose corn syrup can cause metabolic problems and weight gain.

While it makes sense to stop selling WPOP due to its harmful ingredients, we are curious whether Wegmans plans to replace it with a healthier product. If not, consider an excellent, healthy, low-sugar drink alternative.

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