After Shark Tank : Why was Vabroom discontinued?

After Shark Tank : Why was Vabroom discontinued?

VaBroom (vacuum + Broom) is a brand that sells products or gadgets with two functions. VaBroom is a pressure-activated hybrid ideal for cleaning up minor stains and spills. VaBroom is an upgraded version of the Broom. It is a lightweight tool that has become quite popular. It does away with the custom of bending when cleaning, although it is not an alternative to vacuums or a competitor. Overall, it reduces the need for a dustpan.

VaBroom utilizes the direct-to-consumer chain model (D2C) along with its own stores and website. It has also been highlighted at Bed Bath & Beyond. VaBroom is operating and selling to customers despite a recent decline in activity on social media. In its early stages, VaBroom was attractive, but when it was discovered that it was made in its hometown, it was completely sold out! Let us learn about the brand in brief in this article.

What is VaBroom?

The VaBroom is a vacuum-integrated broom. This is a brand-new technological item from Enhance Innovations. This business debuted in 2010. Although it has a broom-like appearance, this product also functions as a vacuum. It absorbs the dust that the Broom has gathered.

It was powered by a lithium battery, which is rechargeable. It is lightweight and entirely cordless. Users must perform the three stages of Sweep, Suck, and See-Ya to use this product.

Who was VaBroom’s founder?

The company Enhance Innovations produces the VaBroom. John Vadnais and Trevor Lambert founded this business. Design services business Enhance Innovations creates a variety of goods.

Initially planned in 2016, the product prototype was created in June 2017. The finished item was built in 2019. On March 6, 2019, the founder of VaBroom began a 30-day Kickstarter campaign with a $50,000 fundraising target.

After 30 days, 1,378 backers contributed $74,494 toward their goal. They had supplied all of the products to customers by December 2020. Enhance Product Development Company had 371 projects live on Kickstarter as of January 2021.

They managed to raise $78,350 in total on the Indiegogo website. Several supermarket chains have approved this product, including Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and many others.

VaBroom is for whom?

The VaBroom will serve you well if you are okay with bending over, brush and dustpan in hand, happily sweeping the dust with your hands. You should use the VaBroom if you want speedy cleanups to remain that way.

The appliance is not a replacement for a traditional vacuum cleaner, as the creators correctly noted, despite how sleek it may look. A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner is still required for heavy lifting when cleaning soft flooring like carpets and rugs. But the VaBroom works well for quick cleanups on hard floors.

The VaBroom’s ultra-light vacuum engine was never intended to handle delicate surfaces like luxurious carpets. With VaBroom, anyone who wants to stay away from that dustpan may clean up their act.

Did VaBroom secure a deal on Shark Tank?

This VaBroom company is operated by a team of eight people diligently working for its expansion. VaBroom was introduced on Shark Tank by John Vadnais and Trevor Lambert. In addition to them, Joseph Caswell, Tom Grim (an industrial designer), Ryan Gosche (a digital designer), Andy Ulseth (a business developer), Katie Elder (a public relations specialist), and Anney (a project manager) also contributed to the creation of VaBroom.

John and Trevor attended the event, seeking advice and funding from the Sharks. VaBroom offered $350,000 in exchange for 2.5% of their business. They then gave a demonstration and described how to use the item. Kevin O’Leary visited, tested it out, and thought it was awesome. The sharks examined the sample after taking it. They were expecting sales of $5 million for the next year after having had $3.1 million one year before the show.

Only the D2C model is used by VaBroom for sales. They gave Bed, Beyond, and Bath a 2-month test supply kit, which was quickly sold out. Lori inquired about the patents. According to John, the U.S. product is still being worked on, but overseas patents are in their hands. John had put $200,000 into it before getting involved. They also ran a Kickstarter campaign, with a design studio funding the rest.

VaBroom pays businesses a 5% royalty. Mark left because he didn’t like the company’s distribution plan. Although it was investable and Peter wanted the pitch, he decided against investing, so he left.

Daymond John claimed they came here to attract attention or were greedy and left. While Kevin O’Leary stated he would be willing to accept a $350,000 offer, he insisted on a 3% royalty until he had recovered $700,000 plus 2.5% of the design firm.

Due to intense competition, Lori was still determining if they could also obtain their patent rights. She didn’t present any deals. They gave Kevin a counteroffer of $700,000 for 5% of the business. They finally agreed to Kevin’s offer after haggling. Kevin claimed he entered into this agreement to purchase a broom for Barbara Corcoran annually.

VaBroom after Shark Tank

The two continued to market the VaBroom both directly to consumers and through retail outlets. This happened after reaching a deal with Kevin O’Leary. They said that the Shark’s investment will go into expanding into extra shops and expanding the product’s exposure owing to its appearance on the show. Following their prior work with Bed, Bath, and Beyond, The VaBroom increased sales to Walmart, Lowe’s, and Amazon. O’Leary’s investment and time on the show contributed to their success.

There has been some buzz online since the product’s appearance on Shark Tank. One TikTok depicting a client using the broom-vacuum combination has received over 4 million likes and 18,000 comments.

It also received a second TV appearance on the “Today Show” in 2022. So, the product has attracted notice since its initial release.

Is VaBroom discontinued?

However, VaBroom is still operating rather than facing significant difficulties due to COVID-19. Due to that, they were unable to accept or complete orders. Nevertheless, VaBroom decided to keep going and paved the way for itself with its brand of high-calibre work. It is still active and profitable today. Despite all odds, VaBroom has continued to prosper after the shark tank.

Although VaBroom has been quiet recently on social media, the company continues to run and serve customers. The item on the company’s website is currently on sale for $79.99, $20 more expensive than their Shark Tank pitch.

Now that, it is in the hands of consumers since feedback is varied. The gadget only has 3.5 stars on Amazon. Many customers complain that the handle frequently breaks and the suction nozzle is a little trickier than it appears on the show. However, others claim that it still makes cleaning easier. They remarked that cleaning is worth it, particularly in tiny areas like the bathroom or entryway, where debris is constantly tracked across the floor.

Although VaBroom is still operating, its future success rests on its ability to compete with rivals who make similar promises.

However, the business is still making money. It’s because of the exposure on Shark Tank. The founders also work on getting their products on the shelves at well-known retail stores.

What will VaBroom do next?

Trevor Lambert, one of the VaBroom founders, continues to serve as the CEO of his product design and development company, Enhance Innovations. This company has worked on the creation of a wide range of products, from kitchen gadgets to a strategy board game. It doesn’t appear to slow down anytime soon.

John Vadnais continues to serve as a partner in Lambert’s firm. He also acts as the president of Vadco Innovations, the owner of a plumbing business, and a contributor to the creation of Sauce Toss, a backyard game with elements of hockey.

Like many of the team’s other endeavours, the VaBroom will continue to be offered as a separate product. However, from a product development and marketing viewpoint, the two often create new things to put on shelves. They will get from concept to finished product through their respective businesses or through partnerships.


Since VaBroom’s appearance on Shark Tank, they seem to be doing well. After appearing in an episode with millions of viewers, the business considerably increased sales! Even though there are conflicting opinions about the product’s quality, you may buy it from the official website or

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